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Roaccutane On Your Own- Few Questions

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I have a few questions regarding accutane.

I might get a prescription for it so won't have to buy it online. Waiting time in NHS is huge so I don't really want to wait anymore and I can't afford going to dermatologist privately. Acne has been ruining my life since 3 years now and I've tried everything oral antibiotics, gels, creams, diets etc.

I'm 182cm 62kg (slowly gaining) man. I want to ask what dosage should i use and how should I increase it over time?

What other products would u recommend which are avaialble in the UK in order to treat side effects?

How often should I do the blood test?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Hi I recently went on accutane through a private dermatologist because just like you said the waiting list on the NHS is tooo long. I will have to warn you that it's quite expensive going privately. I've spent close to £1,000 just on appointments and blood tests before my derm even put me on accutane.

I wouldn't advise going the online route for obvious reasons (scams, dangerous and so on). Regular blood tests are very important. At least once a month. I would advise that if you're hell bent on doing it on your own, at least inform your GP and ask them to give you regular blood tests on a monthly basis. Accutane can have detrimental affects on your liver and kidneys. And it's important to keep that in check.

Good luck.

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