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How Don't Competitive Eaters Have Acne?

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People like Matt Stonie and Furious Pete for example. They eat so many horrible foods, without chewing thoroughly, and their skin is nearly flawless. I've seen a few pimples on Matt Stonie's face before but nothing even close to moderate. I can accept the fact that their stomachs can stretch much more than the average human, but I'm stuck on how their hormones can keep up with all of this binge eating, even if it's only once a week! It shouldn't matter how good their diet is during the week leading up to the speed eating, this type of lifestyle doesn't seem healthy to any extent. Not only are they eating tons of food, these foods most likely contain gluten, dairy, a high GI/ GL, and they aren't even chewed properly!! This must be so stressful on their digestive system.

Can anyone please give me a decent explanation on how they're able to keep up with this lifestyle? Not only on how they don't have horrible acne, but how are they even living/ feeling well?

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I understand the unfair feelings that come with these observations, but knowing how it works can certainly ease your frustrations a bit. The only direct explanation I can tell you is that it's not going to be (or at least seem) direct. They can eat all that crap for a few reasons:

Firstly, everyone is different. Everyone has different genetics, hormone levels, and even types of skin no matter what you look like. One of my friends skin is smooth like the hide of a baby horse and has the thickest most shiniest glow you've ever touched, and not one breakout has ever touched her. That's because whatever she eats reaches all the way to her skin, which is usually the last place to get nutrients. Your brain, heart, liver, etc... usually swallow the nutrients up first before reaching your skin. These people, along with my friend, have skin that probably isn't PRONE to acne, or skin that doesn't break out in acne and instead goes somewhere else. Remember this word... prone. It means more sensitive and more likely to break out. Our acne-prone skin's probability is higher. Some skins here share similarities and are usually thinner and more oily... some don't. Either way, we are prone to breaking out. I can understand if you see this as unfair, but you'll need to swallow whatever you can to get past the confusion and taking the next few steps.

Secondly, reactions happen when someone eats something they are intolerant to, and acne can be a "side effect" of such intolerance, along with inflammation, dry and itchy skin, fatigue or lagging of the usual healthy energy, and anything else. It depends on what your body tells you in whatever way it can. I am not intolerant to milk, but my skin is just absolutely devastated by it and won't allow even an 8oz cup to get away. It doesn't give me any other issues other than acne, but that's debatable since they could have simply never been surfaced before.

Finally, just because they don't have acne doesn't mean they're not causing harm to themselves in other ways.


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