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Just Got Off Accutane.... And Its Back

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Hey guys,

So I just got off a 6 month course of accutane and my acne completely cleared up during the time. The only side effect that I noticed was dry lips. I have scars from my previous severe acne. During the end of month 5-6. I was really sick, I had ended up going through so much tissue that my upper lip had mini breakouts from the agitation. After accutane, I notice that my upper lip and chin area has mini whiteheads and little bumps. I thought of this to not be a big deal but a week later, I started breaking out in mini zits. Nothing really cystic yet.

My derma put me on Biacna, a topical i had used before accutane but found it to be ineffective. I thought I should try it again just to calm down my acne. I tried it for a few days and it just keeps getting worse. ( I know that a few days isnt enough for a testing time but I didn't think my acne would come back so fast after 4-5 months of having such a clear face).

I decided to try a more natural method and stumbled upon Manuka honey. I have been trying it on my face for 3 days so far and right after I wash it , my face is really smooth. But i just continue to constantly get little white heads and mini zits here and there.

I did get one cyst but it disappeared the next day.

Is this normal behavior for acne right after accutane? Should I be worried that my acne is coming back so fast? I already have enough scars and the fact that my acne is coming back is a true downer. Can I possible try using Manuka honey as a mask then after washing apply Biacna? Or will it be too much for my skin?

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