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Weekly Updates Of The Regimen

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My name is Mon, and I started the regimen on Friday May 16, 2014. But before I start going through the phases I'll just explain my before state and now.

When I was young till 19 i didnt really have pimples, I have 1 pimple a year and thats about it. But when I started hitting 20 my cheeks were mostlly aimed and got like 5 pimples and stuff. They are gone now and they just left hyper pigmentation even though I never picked on them. Both of my cheeks have these hyper pigmentation and those are the only place I ever get. But now I dont really have only the discoloration. I barely get pimples not like alot of times just occassionaly.

I never touch my face ever nor do I pick on my pimples, thats probably why I barely get. Before I just wash my face with water and thats about it at night; and in the morning I wash and put moisturizer and I go to work. That was my routine every single day and nothing happens to my face. Even thhough I ate alot of junk food I still dont get (before the pimples showed up) and I never have trouble of eating anything.

Now I have discoloration due to the pimples I have gotten and nothing else on my face. Even though its not alot it still bothers me and fear that others might show up. I have tried everything really lol after I started getting. But nothing worked cuz I always get excited over everything and hope that it'll work (including home remedies). I tried everything for a month or so but nothing really happend to my face, I guess I got worried that products doesnt seem to work for me and I might get more pimples and discoloration.

I dont wear make up, and I wear glasses so thats probably why too because of all the oil thats gets attached to my glasses. I drink tons and tons of water and eat lots of veggies and fruits and ofcourse junk food. I eat all these stuff togethere actually and I'm still ok lol.

I dont have lots of problem with my face really and I dont have anything in m y face other than discoloration but prevention is the key. I decided to follow the regimen after realizing how easy it was to do. Everything is given and everything is there for you, all you got to do was follow it precisely and everything is fine. I also was happy about its reviews and how it changed peoples lives which was encouraging. So with this said I use the regimen to make sure I dont get future break out and stick to one thing only so I dont stress about products that I always see and think that are good.

I'm currently stress free from all the other products and just use these basic steps (thanks god). Sorry to bore you with my stories and I'm writing on an ipad so I may sound little off.

In my first day of the rigemen everything was fine until the next day and the 3rd day when the burning sensation started in only some parts of my faces. I looked like I got beat up because my eyes bags were red well not red but bruised looking because of the BP. I didnt put any there though but it still turned bruised like. My darks marks got kind of messy looking and they got darker for some reason. But still I didnt stop. I did look kind of sick and tired i think its because of the moisturizer but eh I Just follow the instruction and deal with it.

So in day 4 all the burning sensation dissapeared and I could barely smile, my face was stuck, lol which is kind of really funny. So I just kept going and going and on the 5th day I notice my face cracking around my mouth area. But it was fine I still kept going I didnt bother picking on them cuz I know the flakes will just get rid off temselves.

Day 6 and 7, my face is stuck and before I apply the BP I saw lots of flakiness but covered it with BP anyways and it wasnt obvious anymore. The bruise looking color on my eye bag is already gone.

So thats about it really and I hope that ill get used to the bp.

Oh I forgot to post my way of doing the regimen.

Morning and Night (but I dont shower at night)

- shower: 2 pumps of cleanser and gently pass by with my fingers on my face for 10 or less seconds ( I try to make sure that every part of my faces is covered and properly cleansed)

-After: wait for 5-10 mins and my face is already so dry so I apply 1 pump of BP and gently put it on my face and I mean seriously gently. :)

- After wait for 5-10 sometimes even 15 mins to dry and apply 1 pump of moisturizer and gently put it on my face. ( 1 pump is good enough for me my face looks really oily)

And thats it so simple and I go on with my day lol.

The only problem I have is that my face is stuck. The flakiness cant be seen after I apply BP then moisturizer, like you really cant see it. I think I look like this and my marks look like the way they are now because its been covered with tons of BP and once it flakes of it wont look so messy and once I get use to bp everything should be fine.

I know Im using 1 pump of BP even though Im new to the regimen but to be honest I know my face way to much to be going easy on it. My face is very very adaptable and I mean VERY as long as I use the product consistenly. Now Im so use to it already and I dont feel anything other than my face getting stuck ahahaha. (My friend tried to make me laugh today and I was seriously running away from her) :).

So guys my Jojobo Oil and AHA will be arriving tommorow and I'm kind of excited. So when it reach here I will apply Jojobo Oil with moisurizer and do this every night and morning.

I just have one question though, is it fine if I use the AHA or just wait for one month? I use to apply lemon on my face for 1 month and I did feel stinging but for a while of using it I didnt feel the stinging anymore and I was wondering if it was working still lol. Or I guess I'm just getting excited lol.

tell me what you guys think and I dont mind the waiting really if you guys think i should wait for 1 month then I will.

Thank you and sorry for the long post.

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