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Cyst On Cheek For Over A Year...

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I have had a cyst like thing on my cheek for over a year.

It was injected a couple of times a year ago but to no avail. Tazorac (strongest topical) has had nearly no effect on it.

I have also tried: minocycline, doxycycline, tea tree oil, gunilla of sweden, aczone, acanya, tazorac (gel and cream), baking soda, honey, aloe vera, fasting, hot tea bag, cold compress, apple cider vinegar, castor oil, cortisone shots, only veggie diet (for a month), no carbs (for a month), vitamin a, b5, c, d3, d, e, acv pills, zinc pills, ibuprofen,

mario badescu, drawing salve, renne roleau, aha (dan's), chemical peel from amazon, sunshine/absolutely no sunshine, and so forth. I have tried everything under the sun.

Any recommendations?

I went to dermatologist and she said it needed to be extracted via surgery (subcision) or shot with a higher concentrated cortisone, however i want to avoid both because they can, and most likely will, lead to scarring. She tried to puncture it to pull out whatever was underneath and hardly any pus came out.

Two dermatologists are not sure if it is a persistent pimple that is not reactive to anything, raised scar tissue, or a sebaceous cyst.

Again, it has been there for over a year, is still red, and NOTHING seems to affect it.

thanks for help.

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Can I please get some help, this is killing me.

again it is just a cyst like red bump for over a year, nothing affects it (home remedies, prescribed meds, oral, topical, nothing, fasting, etc). very red. Help?


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Hey, not too sure since I can see what you mean but I had a really bad cyst on my cheek which lasted for months. Once it went down there was still a red mark and I could feel a lump under my skin. My dermatologist said that it could be the 'sack' that held the content of the cyst (gross I know) or it could be scar tissue under the skin, he said that it in either case it could resolve on it's own but that it wasn't noticeable for removal. Here I am about a year later and only I know it's there, if I push really hard washing my face I can feel a small lump and there is a slight red mark there. But the good news, it has went down a lot! And actually you can't even see it, and even the lump I could feel when washing my face has went down, most times I forget it's there. I'm pretty sure that it is scar tissue, but I have found that using differin and also massaging it has helped, if you read up on massage therapy for raised scars there is a lot of information and at the least it wont do you any harm, but it really helped me out, and like I said it's pretty much non existent now but at first I was kinda freak out as well. I hope this helps :)

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that does help gkitten. sounds very similar to mine. my derm said mine could be scar tissue. but it has been red for over a year and hasn't changed one bit.

Is there a way to decrease the redness bc that is my primary concern? Thanks.

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Hey, I can only really tell you what I have been doing to reduce the redness, which is still there but much less and with a dot of concealor you can't see it. It has taken time, I don't do anything harsh, I've used differin for about a year, which control my acne and also helps with red marks. I also use an aha cleanser a few times a week and a salicylic acid serum during the day, these things sound harsh but the serum is really gentle and I make sure that my skincare routine is gentle and always wear an spf during the day. I don't know if you looked in to the massage therapy but it did help reduce my scar tissue a lot, just a little pressure for about ten minutes at night. I hope this helps.

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Gkitten25. Thanks for replying. Can you describe to me exactly what you did as far as the massage therapy goes? Like step by step.

Also, which of your items would you say helped the most with redness or were they all in conjunction? The bump is not that large it is only the redness that has persisted for over a year. Would a peel work?

Thanks again

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hey, a peel might work to fade the redness, maybe try something gentle with aha's in it as i have found that has helped my marks. As far as the massage I just sort of pressed gently on it with my finger, as if you are trying to flatten it out and go round in circular motions, you dont want to be too hard though, you should type in massage and cysts or scars on google and there is a load of information, it was just a little thing that I found made a difference. If it is mainly redness then time will also helped to fade it, although it's a pain in the ass waiting for that to happen but try and not be too harsh on your skin, the best thing is to stop anymore acne and give you skin a chance to heal x

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Are there any peels you wold recommend? And would a derma roller work? It seems to be effective for hyperpigmentation and scars, or so I've read.


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