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Raised Red Bumps. What Is It That I Have? Pictures Included.

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Hello everyone,

I would like to first thank you all for stopping by my post and I appreciate all the help.


I would like to know just what is it that i have. (I been told it is scarring, hypertrophic scars, acne vulgarus, and a bunch of other types of acne). In addition hormonal since is on the jawline.


# I have had this skin condition for 6-7 years on both sides of my jawline

# the red bumps have not subside or gotten worst, it just stays red and about the same size

# i have tried accutane, trentinone, BP, glycolic acid, and countless otc and prescription products. (Im aware of laser and cortisone, but I can't proceed without know what is it that i have) Also surgery but, I heard it has potential to form in to a keloid!


-I am currently using clinique men regimen day and night.

-I apply sunscreen everyday

-I apply fresh lemon juice on it every night( it has helped with the redness a tiny bit.

Throughout these years, I was one of those people you've heard that has attempt to try almost everything, researched a ton, but due to so much information, I have no idea what to believe is true.

I will see a dermatologist in a few weeks but please throw any information and experiences you have with this type of skin condition. Again thank you so much.






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looks like hypertrophic scars to me. if they are raised enough they can inject them for you and there are some lasers that help with redness and stuff but they are a tough to treat. see what the derm says and go from there but yeah i would try the injections first and see if it helps.

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@Tracy521 I think it is hypertrophic scars as well. i will see what the derm has to say and his advice on what treatment is best.

@kensden I honestly don't know what it is. There are so much information out there, i think is best to take a biopsy and let the derm tell me what is it that I have.

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I went to the derm and he gave me cortisone shots like how we predicted. The shots hurt but bearable. It hurt more post injection. For about 2-6 hours, every 2-3 minutes i will get this sudden pain like a pinched for a duration of 5 seconds. The pain went a way the next day. The area of injection turned really red and purple. I am aware that this is suppose to happen but when does it start fading? I did also notice the bump did shrink a tiny bit. Anyway here are pictures of the day I got the injections and the day after.

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