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My Regimen Updates

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Let me introduce myself. I' am a male and I'm 20 years old and I dont really have massive acne problems just my cheek area with blemishes and pimple marks. I barely touch my face, actually I dont even touch it cuz I know its bad for my skin. I NEVER pump my pimples ever, nor do I pick on it what so ever, and I always drink water. So right now I'm just updating.

I tried so many products to be honest that I'm really going to cry if I start recalling them. I got feed up with everything and just wanted to stick to one thing, so I can feel free and the regimen seems to be ideal I guess.

This is my second day using the Regimen and I can tell you that my face is slightly burning only om certain spots but I dont mind it, feels dry even though my face looks really oily from the moisturizer, and my blemishes are getting bigger and clearer for some reason and I have 3 very small pimple. However I'm going to keep going. To be honest i dont get pimples or anything like that while I was on the Regimen.

This is how I apply the Regimen: (Only the Regimen)

AM and PM

Shower at AM and wash at PM: Apply 2 pumps of Gentle Cleanser

After: Pat face dry and wait for 5 - 7 mins (my face is dry already)

Apply: 1 pump of BP and wait to try for 5-10 mins (no burning sensation)

Apply: 1 pump of moisturizer (burning sensation starts but only in certain parts)

I do this since the last 2 days and hope I'm doing it right. Please feel free to leave comments and such if I'm doing anything wrong what so ever.

Should I use 2 pumps of moisturizer like what Dan instruct? My face looks oily but It feels dry.

Thanks you! I will keep updating. Not everyday though. :>

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