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Non-Inflamed Acne

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Are any of you guys having any success getting rid of non-inflamed acne? Changing my diet has cleared up the rest of my acne so well and I also have a lot less oily skin. I'm still really struggling with clogs, though, and I just can't seem to make them budge.

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was it caused by retin a?

No. I haven't used a retinoid since before I took accutane about 4 years ago. I'm nervous about trying them again because I remember them making my skin oily and my pores big. The clogged pores have just been here since the accutane started wearing off 2 years ago :(

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I agree about the peels, unless your skin is sensitive to them. That might help, I'm going to try that too but I can't do intense peels because they make my skin worse.

How about exfoliating?

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Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I do exfoliate with a baby wash cloth each time I wash my face, but that doesn't seem to do much for the clogs. Recently I've been experimenting with face brushes, but that's been causing irritation breakouts. Clay masks seem to make my skin look good in the short term, but I never notice a huge difference from them. Oil cleansing works great for the clogs on my forehead and cheeks, but it seems to make the clogs on my nose and chin look bigger. It also makes my skin more oily for some reason. I've never really tried peels for an extensive period of time because I had some weird allergic reaction to a mandelic peel from MUAC. It made my skin look great, but I swelled up like a chipmunk lol. I think I'm gonna give salicylic peels a try.

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