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What To Do About Blackheads?

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I have been using the free trial kit of The Regimen for close to 2 weeks (I also ordered a full size kit as well). I know it will take some time to see if this will be the product that truly works for me, but most skin care routines I would use would incorporate some form of exfoliation. I've used BP in various strengths over the years, but with The Regimen, since there isn't any salicyclic acid or another BHA in the products, what do I need to do about my horrible blackheads? My breakouts aren't even that bad anymore; I just need some serious help with these blackheads. I'm afraid The Regimen won't even touch these nasty things. Has anyone else on this program had any success getting rid of their blackheads just by using the 3 steps? Or what products could I incoporate into my daily routine to help? I've been struggling with horrible blackheads since I was a preteen (I'm 30 now). Please someone help; I'd greatly appreciate any advice. :)

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For what I've reading, adding AHA to your routine might help with those horrible blackheads.

But wait 1-2 months before introducing it to your regimen.

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Hey Im wondering the same Im on week 3 and although my actual spots are looking a lot better my nose is still covered in blackheads. I was thinking of getting BHA just to apply to my nose and not the BP as it isnt doing anything.

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