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Want To Go On Accutane - Having 2Nd Thoughts [Sun Exposure + Alcohol]

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Hello, I am a 21 year old male. I have been to a general doctor for my moderate acne for the past 3 years. I have taken 2 courses of doxycycline. The first of which cleared me completely. 7 months later, my acne returned. I went on another course and no progress was present. I have been on epiduo for almost 2 years as well; it keeps some of the problem under control but doesn't do anything noticable. Also note: I have never been to a dermatologist. I have tried many home remedies including: raw honey,

zinc supplementation, Apple cider vinegar, SA wash, and reducing dairy intake, but nothing seems to put acne in its grave.

I want to go on accutane but I don't know whether or not the choice will be worth it. I have had friends that took it in the past and

they cleared up and never had a pimple again. This is very enticing.

I work outside during the summer for 5+ hours 5 days a week. Will my skin be able to handle this drug along with prolonged exposure to the sun? I suppose I could get a high SPF sunscreen, but will it even prevent anything? Has anyone went through a course

in the summer while working outside?

Also, I enjoy drinking alcohol, sometimes in excess. I understand the effect this drug has on the liver but has anyone ever had any problems drinking and and taking accutane. If I decide to take it, and my derm agrees, I will moderate my drinking but my curiosity to personal experiences is still sparked.

Thanks for reading, any comments or experiences will be read and appreciated. I still need time to think and book

an appointment with a dermatologist before I make any decisions. And who knows, my derm might wanna try something else first.

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Don't worry about the alcohol I've unfortunately had accutane 2 twice now - about to have my third course. I drank throughout my other two courses, not a problem.

The sun might be though. It makes your skin so much more sensitive, you should be fine with a really high factor sun cream tho - factor 50 minimum I'd say. I went to Portugal last time I was on it and wore factor 50 and had no problems. The sun cream will also help you manage the dry skin. Choose something unperfumed designed for sensitive skin. I used the one designed for babies!!!!

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