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My Really Bad Red Marks After Acne

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I've had acne since I was 13-14 years old and I'm now 23 and tired of it, nowadays I barely dont get any new pimples but I still have red marks on the T-zone and it's really visible..

I've been spending a lot of time googling and reading about acne and red marks but as much as I read I don't get smarter and I think my case is kinda unique because I probably ruined a lot for myself.

My face has always looked better during summer because sun has always been huge help to look better, because of that I've been hunting the sun as much as possible during my youth, without thinking it's probably gonna make it worse for what I understand by reading. I've also spent a lot of time in solarium but it was a couple of years ago now but I also recently spend almost half a year in asia but it didn't help so much actually.

I'm gonna upload pictures later today or tomorrow so you can take a look and judge yourself how to solve this and finally be happy with my face...

I have a roller and stamp home but I haven't tried it so far because I'm not sure if actually helps to my kind of marks, I've read everywhere that red marks / acne fades after 3-24 months but I think my red marks has been since probably I was 15-18 years old or so, I'm not sure exactly but I think it's been for many years and it's probably because I've been spending so much time in the sun, but desperation makes people do desperate things.

Have any ideas to help me out?

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Well as long as you continue to get new acne you will get red marks. In my opinion there isn't much you can do about them except for wait it out, and possibly lasers like vbeam. Many on this forum will tell you that alpha and beta hydroxy acids will get rid of your red marks by peeling off the skin in little layers at a time. This is for the most part, not true. Red marks are not pigmentation, but blood vessels underneath the skin. You can't peel away blood vessels. These acids may help you from getting new acne though, which would stop you from getting more.

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Hm, whatever acne I get nowadays it doesn't leave a red mark, all the red marks over my T-zone, mostly my cheeks are really old, probably 4-6 years and I am so tired of it...

And anyone here can probably agree and understand how tired and expensive it can be to spend money on new products all the time...

I've been looking on Eucerin and Elicina this evening...

Are these products something recommended in my situation?

I try to figure out exactly what kind of skin-problem I have, to be able to compare to other and get more information but only thing I know is that it's simple red-marks, probably made it more darker and worse by the sun... but sun damaged (?) PIH (?) No idea... I'm gonna upload pictures tomorrow to be able to get more help.

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