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That's Not Flesh, It's My Skin Tone:)

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Hello fellow skin sufferers, my name is irrelevant, nice to meet u. Please just 5 mins o your time, I need it, thank you... I'm not posting this in the blog section because, it refuses to load on my device.. Like any good story, one must begin at the start. I used to be an exceptionally promising human being, at age 9 I deemed myself knowing of everything in life and still to to this day. But while here on earth, I would like to live a decent life, however I cannot, for my skin is preventing me. I'm going to lay myself bare right now, just hope the universe won't mind, anyway.... I had it all, The best childhood, excellent early teen years, friends, situations, girls, best friends, life stories, lack of real emotions, except for under the surface, incredible manipulation skills, honestly this world was my oyster, Life was a game, it was sooooo easy!!! I have outstanding bone structure, comedic skills, sensitivity. I had it all, The romantic moments, heroic moments etc. I was so proud of myself and I was so good to others, very religious too. Here in lies my flaw, I was incredibally un- vain, When I got acne in my late teens, I didn't know what to do, this was infact the 1st time I actually looked in the mirror, so I picked pulled burnt and medicated my skin and am now left with damaged skin, I feel like I'm in a parallel universe, It's like everywhere I go, Nobody's intimidated by me anymore, the fear is gone, I am but a shadow of my former, if that. I feel grossly cheated out of life and am left with three options. A. Fix my skin. B go back in time and take proper care of my skin. C. Suicide. Every lonely day that passes I contemplate on my options. the other night I stood stood under the stars asking for a sign, and when I looked up this neon green light thing came and went. I wished upon it and lo my skin seems to be improving, it's still in a terrible state though.. Help me acne.org users, Help me I beg u. My face seems normal except my cheeks are deathly pale, with various uneven colors and kinda fleshy burnt looking, Now the character I'm playing is this dark mysterious guy with no friends, Its horrible. I'm still me on the inside, but only I know this and my various personalities, I can be a real xunt sometimes, but I guess we all want the same thing. Normal motha loving skin. I f you've read this, your a good person, please respond. Thank you.

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Please discard option C on your list. There are many treatements and ways to get better, no matter how flawed your skin may be there is always, ALWAYS, a way out. Its just a matter of money sometimes i saw this woman on youtube with the worst acne problem. she is trying what she thinks is best, the condition from what I have research on my own is really your body's reaction to infection My issue is a little pimple can turn into a sore in a matter of days. not cystic acne but no matter what there is always someting out there for it is wheather you can get to the cure and stay with it and most important if it is the specific cure for the specific problem. there are hundreds of ways. so just research and find yours I am working on mine but mine won't work for you. yours will work for you. have a great Life.


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