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Derma Rolling

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I've researched a bit on derma rolling and i still have the question on how to get started. Do i visit a dermatologist to get started or can i just order the derma roller online and start it myself ? If theres anybody who have used this technique to treat acne scars can throw some tips on how to get started i will appreciate it !

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I just do it myself. I had it done professionally as well last year and to be honest, if you know what you're doing you can achieve the same results at home. It's not that difficult to do as long as you are careful and have done your research. Watch some videos on youtube of actual dermatologists performing the procedure. I would suggest if you are not confident doing it on your own just book an appointment for a professional session and observe their technique, it'll give you a feel for how dermarolling is. You could also purchase a smaller needle size to start out with such as a 0.25 or 0.50 until you're comfortable moving up in size. Prior to rolling ensure your skin and hands are clean. I'd recommend using a high percentage of Isopropyl alcohol to clean your roller.

I know it can seem a bit daunting to dig needles into your face, because it's something one doesn't ever think they would be doing but it's pretty easy once you get the hang of it. I practiced on my forearm before I ever touched my face.

There is so much information here on the thread for self dermarolling so read through that as well for tips and techniques. One thing I would highly recommend is to ensure you leave 4-6 weeks inbetween each session if you are using anything above .50mm, so the collagen can build. Maybe later on when you are comfortable with rolling you can look into dermastamp, I find you can better target the scars.

All the best!

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If you can afford it, my suggestion is go to the clinic. I do not know if the clinic between my place and yours are different. But here, The clinic offers both product and their treatment, and some offer dermaroller. So basically, any cream pre or post treatment you might need will be given. Please, don't go to the clinic which has only general doctor to consult with. I have ever went to a clinic, and the doctor couldn't even explain me what type of scars I have. I just see that doing in the right clinic is much safer.

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