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Taking Off Makeup Whilst Using The Regimen Technique (?)

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I am really new to acne.org (signed up today) and I am really keen on starting The Regimen! I have been using BP (10%) for years but in small bursts of about 2 weeks when I get breakouts.. often it is too late and the spots are already very noticeable.

(Note: I will be starting the regime for mild acne if that is important to know)

I wear makeup everyday including foundation (primer, foundation and concealer 3-1), a mineral powder foundation for extra coverage, bronzers, blushers... so as you can imagine... many many layers! Over the years I have used facial wipes, toners etc to remove it but the most effective for me is just soap and water (or sometimes Clinique makeup remover as it so gentle) and a good scrub.

My question is how do you fit in makeup removal around The Regimen regime. I seriously doubt that I am going to remove all of the makeup in 10 seconds with just one sitting of face wash. Can I wash first then lather for 10? or am I best dabbing it off with a cotton wool pad?

Tips would be great

Thank you in advance wub.png

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Hey I know what you mean. I started the regimen two weeks ago and I didnt know how I would remove my makeup either. I use estee lauder double wear foundation which is so difficult to remove so washing for 10 seconds definitely wouldnt cut it.

Ive found the best method is to remove the majority of makeup with a gentle wipe then go in and wash for 10 seconds with a cleanser. I dont think its affecting the regimen as Im still seeing good results already.

I feel as long as your gentle like the regimen says it wont affect your results. Good luck!

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Hi ! Like you, I also wear a full face of makeup on a daily basis. The easiest and best way for me to remove my makeup is cleansing with coconut oil, washing it off with water, THEN cleansing to make sure I get all of the coconut oil off my face as I've heard it has made people break out. I haven't experienced any problems at all cleansing my face with coconut oil first, then following up with my actual cleanser.. and the coconut oil SERIOUSLY melts off every bit of makeup on my face (even waterproof mascara!). Give it a try :)

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