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post-384900-0-91020500-1399817844.jpgpost-384900-0-01755600-1399817814.jpghello everyone

first of all I would like to wish all the luck and the patience to all the people out there who are still dealing with severe acne.I know how much it hurts emotionally and physically because I have been there. I had horrible cystic acne mainly on my cheeks which made me so unhappy and self-conscience that I couldn’t even leave the house some days.And no matter how much makeup I put on I knew that everyone could see them anyways.So all that being said,now I’m so glad that all I have now is red acne marks.And even though mine are extremely stubborn I’m so thankful because I can hide them with makeup.

In case you are interested here is the regimen that made me clear of acne.(PS: I live in Turkey so a lot of the products can be unfamiliar to you.)


Wash face with gentle cleanser

Take a vitamin c supplement(1000mg) and a zinc supplement (22mg)


Remove makeup with olive oil

Wash and tone face

Apply these products in row (I use one at night the other next night the third at third night and so on)

-A special mix made by my dermatologist(some form of retin a and antibiotics)

-Sivex lotion


Take a vitamin c supplement(1000mg) and a zinc supplement (22mg)

-Take Diane 35 (oral contraceptive)

PS:A month ago I also started an ultra low dose roaccutane regimen(20 mg twice a week)which made my already minimal acne literally non existed.

Now please suggest me some kind of solution for these red marks i have.By the way i had done 5 Vbeam treatment with minimal results.

Thank you for your time



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I see you have left only with the marks, so you need a topical treatment to fade them quickly. This is my current situation and for less than a month now i am on some natural masks with extreme improving results.

Turmeric mask with yoghurt and honey. Leave on for an hour

Licorice mask with yoghurt and some lemon drops. Leave for an hour

Cinammon mask with honey. Leave for half an hour. It may sting if the cinammon is much more than the honey.

Use a snail cream as a moisturizer

I do all these every day and i have seen tremendous results. I know its time consuming but it worths it. Good luck!

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thanks 5beauty

i have a question though

i have tried turmeric mask before for a few times it felt like it didnt work at all has it worked for you if so when did you realised a difference thankss

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Unfortunatelly not all natural ingredients work the same for all skins. I use the turmeric for 15 days EVERY day and leave on for as much time as i can. I noticed that marks are shrinking and fading and some fresh ones, like those in your first photo, are less inflamed and irritated. If you want to try again take a before picture and compare it a few days later. Also, dont forget to enchance turmeric and yoghurt with lemon, or apple cider vinegar. Turmeric has anti microbial characteristics and maybe that helps too in keeping face acne free. I have 90 clear face, only few red marks are left, and its the best condition i have since september that i started breaking out!

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