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Scalp Acne /folliculitis

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Hi there, it's been a long time since I wrote for the last time on here but I'm back.

I'll try to sum up as much as I can, though this story is really long.

Ok, first of all I want to say I've had acne on my body since I was like 12 but I didn't have anything on my head before. It started when I shaved my head a year ago -it was my first time I did it as well-. After a while my head began to itch and to scratch (just on my nape). but it wasn't until like 3 months after shaving I went to the dermatologist. He told me it was folliculitis and sent me mupirocin ointment and trimethoprim to take and everthing disappeared.

After that, I started an isotretinoin treatment for general acne and I didn't feel anything till 6 months later after I ended with this treament. Since there, all has been a nightmare; I've had like 3 breakouts on my head again, I've treated them with the same drugs but in the last one -now- It hasn't worked totally; I got some red marks on my head plus the itching feeling, even when I have no pimples with pus. The itching is stronger at nights so I haven't been able to sleep well lately and now It has spread for almost all my head. I tried with fusidic acid but it was worse, so what I'm doing now is just applying some alcohol 70, -I read I can help- but the problem's still there. I've seen that using a good shampoo is important too but in fact I don't know what kind of shampoo I should use.

I'll see the doctor on next Tuesday. but in the mean time I'd like you to help me.

Please,I need help from people who have had a similar disease, this thing has been almost as bad as acne on my face. I can't even brush my hair properly and I decided to grow out my hair and now I'm afraid that I have to cut it again.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the mistakes in writing.

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That sounds so similar to my scalp problem...let me tell you a little about mine. Like yourself mine all started after I shaved my head with a razor for the first time, I'm balding so it looks better if I take it all the way down with a blade...well after I shaved I started or get red bumps on the sides of my my head...back of my scalp...and bottom of my neck. They bumps aren't blistered red and also aren't unbearably it he but when they come up they are. Anyways I go to the dermatologist and get a biopsy of one of the bumps on my head and the results came back "bacteria". No certain type of bacteria just bacteria. Long story short tried a few antibiotics with no results (Duricef, Monocycline, Clindamycin, and a combination of Rifampin and Bactrim). What i have found that i feel is the most effective treatment is colloidal silver. After reading success stories online about colloidal silver and folliculitis i bought a CS generator online. I feel that when i take this the redness goes down and the bumps look at least 50 percent better. For some reason i can't kill the bacteria completely. ..If this is indeed folliculitis like my dermatologist said this is very hard to get rid of.

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Thanks for replying. Perphaps we both have a similar problem, as you said this is really resistant to almost all treatments and can reappear often. I'll ask the dermatologist on tuesday about that medicine and I'll write what he/she says. See you later.

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