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Hey everyone, I used to spend alot of time on this site ever since my acne got really bad, and it helped me in making the decision for what cured my skin. Therefore, I felt I had to share my success story with you guys.

I'm a 17 year old guy from Northern Europe, and this is my story.

When I was 13-14 i started getting occasional pimples, like everyone else did, nothing bad really, but the fall after I started highschool it got worse. I guess it wasn't that bad but enough to buy myself a set of Dan's regimen. Biggest mistake of my life. I started it in the winter and after a few horrible months my skin started to clear, but when I tried to get off it, the pimples would come back. The worst part tho was that my skin became terribly oily after I quit it, like 3 hours after I had washed my face the oil would be back again. It really sucked. Summer passed and the following fall my acne grew even worse. At its worst state, even tho I felt like the ugliest person alive, I knew that it could be alot worse, but the oil was the biggest concern. I finally decided to go on accutane, in the end of october I think, and my derm told me I could start right away. He put me on 40mg a day (2x20mg) for 5 months, the brand was called actavis or something, can't remember really. I never really had any initial breakout, and during the whole course I didn't experience any other side effects than dry lips, hair and skin (face, back of my arms). I kinda liked the dry hair part because I could go like a week without washing it. I'm lazy I know haha. My face did become a little red but it faded as I reached my last month. What goes for my skin care routine, I never used any kind of soap or face wash while on accutane, I still don't. I am now quite convinced it was those creams and topicals that made my acne much worse than it had to be. I washed my face with cold water every other day, either morning or night, never both, and maybe every third time with a light, water-based moisturizer. My face cleared gradually within 4 months and since then I haven't had a single pimple. My face isn't dry anymore since I quit my course in march, but no signs of oil either, so I am quite happy with it. I have some very small scars but they're barely noticable, and to be honest I think they look kinda cooI.

I still keep the same skin care routine btw and I strongly recommend it to others who are either undergoing accutane treatment or have finished their course. The accutane really did its job and I am more than satisfied with the results.

I wish I could say my life is a lot better now that my skin is clear and all, but unfortunately I'm feeling quite depressed at the moment, but I can assure you it has nothing to do with accutane whatsoever. I recognize it from last summer and I'm considering going in to therapy this summer, nothing is confirmed tho. Anyways, I hope my story has helped or given you inspiration to go on accutane or finishing your course, because accutane does work and it's so worth it in the end. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I'll try to be as active here as I can this month at least. Take care guys:)

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