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So, I'm 17 years old, in my final month and a half in highschool. Over the past year, i have been dealing with Acne, I never got it harshly up until i was 16, then one summer it just came out of nowhere. I was really lazy and ate a lot of junk food, and i had acne nodules all over my face. Back in January i made it my goal to cut out junk food and to start working out and excercising (I thought this would clear my acne problem), but it didn't, because here i am. (It would be relevant that I have PTSD, Chronic anxiety and clinical depression). Every now and then, my acne would clear up, and i would feel great and confisdent, but then it would just start getting worse and worse again and those nodules would pop up on my fae and they take forever to go away, and by time they do, more show. Ive becoe so depressed I don't want any of my friends or anyone around me to see how hideous i ook, because ive been asked before "What happened to your face?" and that makes me feel like i just got my stomach ripped out and puts me in assuicidal state. Every day, i rely on my anti anxiety pillst o make it so it's not so bad, but everywhere i see in highschool are peoplew ith beautiful and flawless skin, and I just wish i was like them. People say, "acne makes you a stronger person, and later in life you'll look back at it with no regrets" but thats false. I would give my left nut to never have acne again, it's horrible and it damages my state of mind. Its ruined my confidence, all i do is look down. YAnd especially when it clears up, then just inflames and gets terrible like someone smoothered grease on my face and added these big fat unpoppable nodules half an inch big on my face is soul crushing. It damages my confidence in trying to get a job, to even look at people. I just feel lose and broken and i dont know what to do, for awhile i have been trying to learn self-acceptance, to 'not let people and situations give me stress and anxiety because i can;t control them" but it doesnt make it any easier...

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