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Am I overdoing it?

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I'm using PanOxyl Soap bar with 5% BP and PanOxyl Aquagel 5% and Oil of Olay oil free Moisterizer.

Now, I wash my face with the soap bar, then I apply aquagel (half/full finger length) and then I moisterize (half a finger)

My mouth area is kinda getting wrinkly and it's hard for me to open my mouth wide, and it kinda burns when I do (maybe I broke the skin a bit?)

Today in the morning I didn't apply the aquagel all over my face, only to a small cyst I had.

As well I noticed a lot of white heads are appearing lately.. Is this because the inflammation is going away?

It also burns when I apply moisterizer too? Am I simply over doing the BP? Maybe the Soap Bar is enough on its own?


Astrodz eusa_shifty.gif

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Yeah, you're overdoin' somethin'. My suggestions:

1. Switch to a 2.5% bp, and start very slowly in the amount you use.

2. Switch to a regular gentle cleanser.

3. Oil of olay doesn't work well with bp. Switch to a new moisturizer.


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No, don't use a bar soap- liquid cleansers (e.g. Cetaphil liquid cleanser) are much less drying. And, tempting as it may be, don't get anything that's for acne-prone skin. Get the most gentle product you can find.

I haven't used Nivea, but it should be fine, provided that it's non-comedogenic and has SPF15 or higher. Everybody has a different taste in moisturizers, so you might decide you don't like it because it's too greasy, too watery, clumps up, etc. I like Cetaphil SPF 15 and Neutrogena Oil-Free SPF15, but there doesn't seem to be any magic bullet that works for everybody. Also, you should get a heavy-duty moisturizer without sunscreen to use at night, at least until your dryness is under control. Look for a thick non-comedogenic face cream.

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Hmm, the problem with the message board that everyone says something that goes by their own experience.

I need solid facts here..

I generally have oily skin..

I want to buy

Basis Sensitive Skin Bar and Eucerin Skin Renewal Day Lotion.

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Those are good choices astrodz. I have been using Eucerin Skin Renewal Day Lotion and find that it's the best to combat dryness and for sun protection. Trust me, you will need facial sun protection when using BP or else your face will end up red. Basis Sensitive Skin Bar, as Dan suggests, is one of the best around for this method.

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Ok, this is the second time I haven't washed my face with the PanOxyl BP soap bar, today I just used ivory bar soap (my moms going shopping now so shes going to look for the Basis Soap or Cetaphil gental wash) and last night I didnt even do anything I just took a shower and washed my face with water.. So my mouth area still looks like the guy from batman with a half burnt face lol.. but its much better today than yesterday..

I'm pretty sure this super dryness happenned because I shaved using the PanOxyl soap bar.. The panoyxl aqua gel is fine though.. doesnt cause dryness like this..

As for my acne, it's a lot better, my cyst on the left of my face is almost totally gone..

I find that the acne is turning dark red, like almost black.. i guess this is the fading stage?

Also a few new ones popped up because I didn't do anything last night..but they're only small white heads and a bit of redness.. oh well thank goodness its the weekend smile.gif

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