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How Accutane Accumulates On Our Body? I Dont Get This ''logic''.

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How is accutane ''cumulative''?
And how this logic works?
isnt the drug iexcreted by the organism a few hours after ingested? How this accumulating stuff works? whats accumulated, where?!
I do not understand.
I never read any sensible explanation about it. It's always the same thing:'' you must calculate the cumulative dose by your weight.''
Second question: If it is true to accumulate, so I can'' pause'' my treatment and return after 2 months?! Example: im in two months of treatment, and my vacations are one month ahead and then I'' pause'' treatment for 2 months and then return to complete my accumulated dose''''? That works as long as i take 120mg/kg in the end?
3rd question) And alchool, if im taking only 20mg a day with no side effects i really cant drink only one day per week?
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You should search for information about Vitamin A... Accutane is some sort of overdose form of Vitamin A. Different kinds of vitamins have different forms of absorption and excretion.
Vitamin A is fat soluble, which means it gets absorbed in fat, and it accumulates in your body fat, even if you are overdosing. That's why is cumulative, and it remains on your system for a few weeks/months after you stop taking it...
Vitamin C, on the other hand, it's water soluble, so the excess that your body don't need will be excreted in your urine or other body fluids...
This is the general information i know about. if you want more search specifically about vitamin A on google.
As for your second question, you can stop taking it for a few weeks and there's no reverse on your treatment, unless the pause exceeds one month. Accutane is restored on your body, but not forever... If you exceed one month of pause, is more likely for you to have to begin the treatment all over again.
Third Question: even if you are on a low dose, you should be careful about the amount of alcohol. Accutane is processed by your liver, and if you abuse on alcohol it can lead to liver damage. You can probably get away with drinking once per week, specially if your blood work is ok, but not in excessive amounts, i would say 1 or 2 drinks max. But it's your decision to make. Personally i don't want to risk liver damage.
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