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I Hope This Helps

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So, I am a 28 year old female who has not had major problems with acne until the age of 26.

Yes, I had the occasional period acne..etc, but nothing too bad.

When I turned 26, it was November, I got this little pimple like thing on my chin (side of my mouth) to be exact.

Instead of it going away, like most do, it became worse. I don't think I would be wrong if I said it multiplied every day. So day by day, I started getting more and more tiny pimples on my chin, jawline and corner of mouth. It wasn't like the average puss filled pimple..it was blister like, and wouldn't go away no matter what..it just multiplied.

I did some research on the computer, and figured it looked a lot like hormonal acne. I never tested my hormones, but I figured I had a hormonal inbalance..

I heard that birth control was a good cure for hormonal acne, but I did now want to go on birth control.

The reason I registered on this site, and the reason I am writing this is to let people know how I cleared my face completely.. I am hoping someone will read this, maybe relate to it, and cure their (hormonal) acne.

It is almost summer time, and everyone is telling me how wonderful my skin is. My sister, who has had 2 pimples her entire life is washing her face as me, because she wants skin like mine.

I don't want to bore you with my story, so I will tell you 2 simple tricks in my routine that changed my skin.

1. Every night, before going to bed, I wash my face with a natural soap. (mine is made from goat milk and chokeberry and it does not dry out my skin) I am guessing that any natural made soap will do.

2. in a bottle, I mixed 100ml of water with 15 drops of lavander oil ( I use that as my toner) right after washing my face.

3. I moisturize (just use your regular moisturizer)


I used this regimen for about a week and a half before I noticed big changes.

I now do this every day, every time I wear make up, instead of using face wash, I just wash my face with the soap. I use the toner only before bedtime.

I hope I have helped at least one peson with this. Please be persistant, don't give up after 2 days, and it will pay off.

If you have any questions, please let me know..


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One thing I forgot to mention..

Do NOT pick at your face!

I know that can be a very hard thing to do, but please, talk yourself out of it..

You know you will not pop a pimple, and be better, every time you pick, you will cause at least one new pimple, and so on..

You have to have the mind power to convince yourself that you are not doing your skin any favors..

The truth is, by starring in the mirror for too long, you will always find something on your skin(face) to pick at, some imperfection to stare at..just ignore it!

It will most likely be gone by itself maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day, but with no consequences to your skin..

Just convince yourself that you are strong enough to LEAVE IT..because at the end of the day, you will see results and be thankful!

Hang in there, take care!

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