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Can Breakouts On The Cheeks Be From A Hormone Imbalance?

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I know classic hormone imbalance acne is around the jaw/chin area, and that is where I started breaking out, but then it moved out onto my cheeks as well.

Has anyone else experienced this?

And it is still likely to be because of off balanced hormones?

Appreciate the help everyone.

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I have hormonal acne and i break out ONLY on cental cheeks, rarely on jawline. My forehead and all the area above the eyes is always clear. You definately have hormonal imbalance, but to make it even more sure check your breakouts. They should happen around your ovulation, or before period. If your cycle is unstable it is possible to breakout randomly. I guess u r a female, right?!

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I don't think hormonal acne has much to do with it's placement but more so to do with when you get the acne. Is it right before your period? Right after? During? You could write down when you get a new spot and see if it makes sense.

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At one point I had pretty much constant acne and didn't pay much attention to when I got new spots but I have noticed, since my acne has calmed down a bit, that I do get spots in the last half of my cycle, so probably from ovulation to when my period starts, then I clear up for a couple of weeks then it'll start again.

But I also do get the occasional random spot that just seems to pop up anywhere for no reason!

Does hormonal acne look any different? Does it usually come in the form of small spots or blocked pores or cysts? Or all? I suppose it just depends, hey?

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Almost all acne is hormonal. I make some exception for people who may have an allergic reaction or some sort of internal issue, but I think with us women that is usually not the case.

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I only break out on my cheeks (and the occasional jawline zit) and I've always believed it to be hormonal. I'm taking Diane now and it's cleared up my skin so as far as I'm concerned I had some hormonal imbalances. I remember posting a picture of my acne and someone replied saying that it looks hormonal because it seems rather inflamed? Whenever I get a spot it does usually flare up. I've never gotten a cyst before, but I guess I'm just lucky. Whenever I do get a spot it does tend to get big and red pretty quickly. And yeah like everyone else said just track your cycle and your breakouts and you'll start noticing a pattern.

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