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Peeled Skin From Popped Pimple

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Hello, so there was a really tiny pimple I had and I popped it but really red around it and peeled like a layer of skin because I use retin a 1 percent so my skin is sensitive , its really red so im not sure its going to try to scab but what I did the first day is put retin a everywhere else but on that spot, I put emu oil on top of it so it could heal before I slept and the whole day after I woke up then after that day I look at the mark and it looks basically the same, really red like blood red and I thought its because I moisturized it too much and never let it breath and form a scap , ive left it alone today and it feels like its starting to get hard like a scab, anyways hope U guys got any suggestions on what I should do, also can I start putting retin a on that spot again? Will it heal faster and peel it off or will it just irritate it and make it heal slower, ty

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Usually when I get open wounds from pimples I slab on polysporin/neosporin and it'll heal overnight. It might get a little dry from the healing process I guess so I also dab on a little extra moisturiser before the polysporin. When it starts to get flakey there really isn't much you can do except maybe use exfoliating creams and hope it'll peel off soon. I use AHA at night so usually the flakes peel off within a couple days.

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