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Healthy Lifestyle & Supplement Log For Hormonal Acne

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Hi everyone,

So I'm new to the forum after being a major lurker for a long time ;)

I've suffered predominantly chin acne for the past 7 years or so (I'm 24 now) and I'm almost certain it is due to imbalanced hormones. I've been on and off BC for years and I'm off it now and have decided to take a more natural approach in healing myself from the inside out :)

I have horrible acne marks and quite cystic acne on my chin/mouth area.

My current routine (day 6 in)

Cleanse with hemp oil

ACV toner

Moisturise with hemp oil

*will be incorporating a retin a into this soon*

My current supps-

Vitex (for hormonal balance)

Milk thistle (for liver detox)

Chromium piccolinate (blood sugar stabiliser)

Fish oil


A daily morning dose of kombucha & hot lemon water upon waking.

I have had a horrible diet and drinking issue since a teenager and am particularly addicted to sugar- so I'm trying to maintain a healthy diet but lollies are my vice and I have quite uncontrollable cravings sometimes, hence why I'm on the chromium.

This was my skin on day one (horrible lighting)


here are a few when I woke this morning (after 6 days of starting this routine)

I have found the hemp oil to be AMAZING in regards to moisturising and improving the skint one of my cheeks/forehead. But I feel like I'm going through a purging process.




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Up to day 12 with my supplements.

I have not followed my diet at all and have been eating and drinking far too much so it's hard to say if the supplements are the cause of a purging thing or if it's my lifestyle.

Either way, my skin is looking horrible. I never get pimples on my forehead and upper cheeks, but my jaw/chin/mouth and lower cheeks are a war zone.

going to keep up with the supps and fix up my lifestyle more. I've been researching a lot about candida, cfs and a few other potential health issues. I have a lot of other problems as well as my acne such as depression, irritability and absolute exhaustion/hard to wake up of a morning.

I just wish I was healthy ugh :(

day twelve-







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Keep your head up. With any acne treatment, you have to prepare to battle it out for at least 3 months. I found that only doing weekly update helped better than updating everyday.

Keep us posted.

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