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Can Xanthan Gum Cause Acne?

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I've noticed in a lot of milk alternatives such as coconut milk, and a lot of gluten free products Xanthan Gum is listed as an ingedrient...This worries me as I've changed my diet to help combat acne, I've been attempting to research it in realation to acne but havent come across anything?

Does anyone know any thing further about xanthan gum and acne?

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Gotta eat something right!? Small quantities of it shouldn't make a difference. But, why don't you keep a food log for a few weeks. See how something affects. Good luck! :)

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Yes, maybe.

Xanthan gum is a bacterial product. So it can innately cause an immune reaction, though this is probably rare. The bacteria is often grown on a substrate that itself can cause an immune reaction - soy, wheat, etc - and so in growing the bacteria on its soy/wheat/etc 'food' and then purifying the xanthan gum product, it's possible that you're getting some soy/wheat/etc antigens in the final product.

Finally, xanthan gum can be metabolized by other bacteria in your intestine. If you have mild dysbiosis, it could potentially make this worse, and thus cause more acne.

So, there are 3 mechanisms by which xanthan gum could cause acne, but they are all fairly mild and uncommon. If you think it's a problem for you, you could try avoiding it for a while.

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