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Eye Watering/burning: Why Does Dans 2.5% Bp Feel So Much Stronger Than 10% Bps Ive Used?

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Im within my first week on the regimen, and things are going well except for the eye burning. I use only 1 pump of Dans 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, and though I follow the application video and avoid the eyes, my eyes have watered and burned each time Ive used it. I even give my eyes more clearance than what the video shows. Yet someone they still end up watering and burning. This leads me to have to dabbed my eyes with a water soaked paper towel to get the burning to go away. And I do make sure to keep my moisturizer applications away from my eyes as well, so I dont get the underlying BP near my eyes. And I used just fingertips to be careful about it.

The thing that bugs me about this is that Ive used 10% benzoyl peroxide for the longest tme in the past. Though I usually didnt cover my entire face with it (because the tubes in the store are small), I did cover a substantial portion of my face (though sometimes I did cover my entire face). And back then I would apply moisturizer the way most people apply face lotion...which means just rubbing it all over my face...getting it all over the areas of my eyelids and near the corners of my eyes (which of course moved the BP around my face). I just rubbed it in with my whole hands...palms and fingertips. But the 10% BP and the salicylic acid moisturizer I used back then didnt cause my eyes to burn at all.

What gives with Dan's ingredients? Why the burning when compared to other stronger BPs? Has anyone experienced anything similar with regard to stronger 10% BP? And does this burning with Dans BP go away eventually? The eye irritation starts as soon as I apply the BP treatment.

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