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Just ate a 300g pack of Chunks Ahoy cookies. A girl misled me on a date a few days ago and Ive been on the verge of a mental breakdown ever since.

It's depressing realizing that as a guy, any romance in your early 20's is determined by your facial aesthetics.

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when I get really depressed about my acne (like right now) i eat a lot too. i just ordered chinese. it fills that emotional hole inside you.

I'd also like you to know that not every girl (I'm speaking for myself too) cares about looks. I've been interested in many guys who to other people were really unattractive, but I was attracted to his soul/energy and personality. if you are a good person, a good person will find you.

plus, looks are completely subjective anyway.

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A girl misled me on a date a few days ago..

So you self destruct after that? Better not have many relationships of any kind otherwise your food bill will be more than rent.

it happens. Move forward. How bout try something a little more constructive?

Binge eating does more than just affect your acne as well.

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Yes, it seems apparent she was scared to reject me when I asked her out to my poor skin quality/redness/scarring/moles. Pretty much everyone else I know has clear skin. It's a shallow world but wtf can i do about it.

I am still motivated to work hard but I wouldn't talk to anyone for anything other than business/networking purposes.

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