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Ipledge For Males

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Back in high school, about 7 years ago, I was on accutane.

I started again in January.

It has been a headache getting the prescription filled. The pharmacists at CVS keep telling me I need to "call and answer questions" and I have no idea what they are talking about. The last few months, eventually it would just "go through" with ipledge and they would fill the prescription. I never called and answered any questions, ever.

I asked my dermatologists and they said that only females have to call in and answer questions each month.

I told the pharmacists at CVS this and they just give me attitude.

Who is right? Have any males out there actually been told to do this?

The ipledge FAQ says that males do not have to do this, agreeing with my dermatologists. But still, CVS continues to claim that ipledge is not allowing my prescription to be filled.

I had my dermatologist send the prescription to a nearby Walgreen's, who readily filled the prescription. However, they wanted over $100 for it, with my insurance, while CVS charged like.. $30.

Why is my prescription not going through with CVS? Should I call iplege?

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Show them the iPledge FAQ and see if you can have your doctor contact CVS to tell them that males are not required to answer the questions and that they need you give you your prescription.

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