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What Works For Hormonal Acne Besides Birth Control?

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I don't think I have PCOS, I've never been tested. I have matched a few of the symptoms though and I think it may be a huge part of my acne. Besides my back, my acne is centered at my jawline, chin, lower cheeks, and occasionally neck, which have been signs of hormonal imbalances among other things.

I am on birth control, though it is a very low dose ( I tried a higher dose but it made me very sick). Even when I'm taking it when I'm supposed to and not skipping many days my acne is unchanged (it's been 3 years now). Most topical treatments only work for a while then my skin is develops a tolerance. I have been debating about buying differin now.

Anyway, are there any ladies out there with my problem? What have you used and what worked? Just gona mention that I absolutely hate going to the doctor....

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Wondering how you're doing concerning this topic?

I'm in the same boat. Been on birth control for 6 years, but my hormonal breakouts still occur. (I've tried diets; no sugar, only raw foods, currently dairy and gluten free due to food sensitivities, alas, still get hormonal breakouts) Worst right before and during my cycle. Been extremely tempted to purchase a DIM supplement, as I've heard good things concerning regulating hormones and flushing excess and harmful hormones from our system...But, I guess our best bet may be to visit an endocrinologist to see which hormones are out of balance before jumping the gun on this one.. Good luck to you, hope we can find the answer soon.


This is just my two cents, but I wouldn't recommend spiro, as the side effects can be rather severe once discontinuing it's use (or just using this medication). I took Spiro for close to a year for my hormonal breakouts. It helped a bit, but I looked into possible side effects from use and decided to discontinue using it. (In my case anyway, after stopping spiro: breakthru bleeding for two weeks straight followed by my cycle, EXTREME mood swings, slight weight gain, and of course...the hormonal acne comes back) Just food for thought.


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What exactly is spiro? I keep seeing it pop up here... I don't know what that is but people on here have been recommending it to me as well

Sorry for the delay with this response.

Sprionolactone is a diuretic (blood thinner) used for off label acne treatment.

It treats acne by inhibiting androgen production (essentially blocking androgens/testosterone).

Also, it is often prescribed for woman with PCOS or hirsutism. (acne being a side effect for both conditions, coincidentally)

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I had the same problems....cystic hormonal acne. I bought a combination of natural oral supplements, one of them being estroblock and it has worked miracles! I have not seen a cyst yet and I just had my period with only one minor blemish but no cysts!!! I have a combination of herbal supplements if you want to know what I take send me a message and I'll let you know specific brands. This has been a life saver for me!!!

By the way, I was on birth control as well, Ortho tri cyclen lo to be exact, and stopped using it bc my cysts were still occurring. It did help me years ago but never really controlled my acne and once the cysts began to develop it didn't give any help. I am off birth control now since I started the estroblock plus the other supplements! While at the same time continuing my normal topical regimen that I have been on for years!

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I'm in the same boat. I've been on birth control for 9 months, and although it's calming down I still am not completely clear. I get maybe 3 large breakouts a month, plus small ones. I can't take Spiro because it gives me weird side effects, just like Yasmin and Diane 35. I'm taking Yaz and Inositol right now. I'm also thinking of adding DIM but I'm not sure if I can do that while on bc?

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Hey xipp. New to this site, very interested in hearing about the other supplements you use to help control your acne. Im on the pill, but it doesn't help one way or the other & i've been to a derm & tried the antibiotics& creams without success! Stress!!! If you can, please let me know. Thanks!

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Inositol has been a miracle cure for me. I can't believe just how much it helped. I used to get 15 cysts a month, I'm now down to 3, and I can't wait to see how much better it will be when I bump up the dosage. I take Jarrow's formula Inositol powder, by the way it actually makes a big difference, at least for me, if I split the dose and take it morning and night. I think it's because its a soluble and is flushed out of your body fast.

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Xipp, can you post your supplements? And also tell us about your experience on Estroblock? I was on Nature's Way brand DIM for months and it never helped.

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All of these post have been very helpful. I recently got off loesterin birth control 4 months ago, 2 months coming off I had the worst acne outbreak of my life. I tried giving it a month using natural remedies to try and heal it but nothing worked so i gave up the good fight and have recently been put back on BC, this time ortho cyclen (not tri, or lo, just regular) and I have seen a very minor improvement. One side of my face has gotten better but the other has gotten much worse. I am going to try and give it the 3 months the docs tell you to give any new prescription but I'm noticing it is really starting to affect my life. I go to work and come straight home, lay in my bed and don't do anything social. I'm 28/single and before this horrible reaction was a social butterfly.

I'm hoping someone with a similar experience has some in sight? Will the BC start to work again or will I need to go down a different avenue? Any insight is greatly appreciated!

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