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Just Started Accutane And I Work Outside (Sun Help/advice)

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I just started taking Accutane yesterday. My dermatologist has me set to take 40 mg pill/day for a month and then two 40 mg pills/day for the 5 months after that. I am taking Amnesteem.

I know that there is a great chance that Accutane will make my skin sensitive to the sun. I work a job where I am generally outdoors for 2-5 days out of my 5-day work week. The other days are spent in an office. Generally, my skin is very tan in the summer and I don't have problems with getting sun burnt a lot. I know that now on accutane it would be wise for me to wear long sleeves, pants, sunscreen, and a wide brimmed hat in order to keep the sun from burning my sensitive accutane skin. On the weekends, I will be able to stay out of the sun as needed.

I have read about the bad sunburns on accutane that blister and sound like they can be really serious issues.

Is this something I should be really worried about? Does anyone have any further advice for me? What is the most ultimate sunblock/sunscreen that I can use to prevent getting burnt? Has anyone else been in a similar situation?

Any advice or input would be GREATLY appreciated!



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Yes, it's definitely something to worry about, but wearing high SPF sunscreen, long sleeves and a hat should cover your bases.

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Thanks for the response, megtree. I plan on going all out with the sunscreen, hat, long sleeves, etc., but I just wanted to make sure that this would in fact cover my bases.

Does anyone else have experience dealing with a similar situation?

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Thanks a lot for the advice. I have been wearing my hat and really laying down the sunscreen. I actually just remembered this really good kind of sun block that I used when I lived out west in the desert:


It is a gel, but has a greasy sort of feel to it, which some with acne really avoid... But this stuff is the best sun block I've ever used.

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Hey, I went on holiday whilst on my course of accutane last time - bad planning. I wore a factor 60 sun cream for babies and was absolutely fine - even tanned!! Jan Marini do an amazing oil and fragrance free one for your face also. Pricey but brilliant. x

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There are some brands that you can buy SPF 50 shirts, hats, accessories, etc that aren't ugly. I work outside in the garden very often and this helps me a ton!

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