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How Much Accutane Should I Take?

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Hi, i'm a 18 years old male, height 1,85m and weight 62kgs. I've been taking 20 mg per day of accutane for the past week, but i'm reading that you should take 1mg per kilo. What do you think? how much should i take?

thanks a lot for your help!!

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In the US they love to mega dose, everywhere else they seem to regulate and give lower amounts

lower amounts mean lower side effects

get on the medical site and search for yourself...ncbi.nlm.nih.gov There is medical evidence that lower doses are effective

Trust your doctor, they've likely got their own experience (assuming they've been at it for a while)....as one who had horrible side effects, I wish I was given a lower dose, even if it took longer....but I live in the US and here they mega dose for short periods...don't be clouded by what you see here, do your own research

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mg/kilo is for your cumulative dose. You can take that in whatever daily dose you like.

I agree with mrs.robinson that we tend to overdose - you will find that daily doses above 40 mg significantly increase side effects. However, some people prefer to 'get it over with' quicker, and therefore choose to take a higher daily dose.

Cumulative dose is the amount that you take in total. This is the stat that tends to be linked to relapse rates (i.e. if you dont reach the recommended cumulative dose, your chances of relapse are higher). People taking a higher daily dose will reach their cumulative dose faster, but there isn't any good evidence to show that this method is more effective. Side effects such as chapped lips, joint pain, and dry eyes and skin will be significantly increased at a higher dose.

You want to reach a cumulative dose of between 120 and 150 mg/kilo. Again, there is some research on even higher cumulative dosing, but it is sketchy at best, and if you are considering this, you should definitely do a lot of your own research. The recommended dose is 120 - 150 mg/kilo.

To find out how long you will take meds, you can do a simple calculation.

Let's assume you stay at 20 mg per day:

20 mg x 30 doses a month = 600 mg

Say you did 20 mg per day for a year:

600 mg per month x 12 months = 7200 mg

Then, divide by your weight in kilos:

7200 mg / 62 = 116.13 mg

So, at your current dose, it would take just over a year to reach the recommended cumulative dose.

If you change your dose as you go, you just have to do the math separately for each month and add them up and divide by your weight.

I am on 40 mg per day. I find it to be a nice balance between keeping side effects at a minimum and not being on this forever (my course will take 7 months).

So. In conclusion. You do not need to up your daily dose unless you are concerned with the length of time this route will take.

Best of luck.

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