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Hey, guys-- I'm new here. Well, new to post, anyway-- I'm mostly just a watcher. Hoping someone who's on Epiduo can help!

I have PCOS and hormone related acne. I got on spiro in November and that helped a lot. Was also put on Aczone and clindamycin, but I didn't use the clindamycin because I really don't want to take long term antibiotics. I achieved decent results with spiro and Aczone, but in December, my derm wanted me to add Acanya to the mix. After three months of no improvement on the Aczone/Spiro/Acanya combo, she dumped my Acanya and added Epiduo gel instead. I've been on that for about a week now.

My regimen is 100mg spiro at night, Aczone in the morning and a teeny, tiny bit of Epiduo at night before bed. I'm already amazed-- all the little, tiny black dots all over my nose and chin are completely gone. I've never seen that before! I haven't been on the Epiduo long enough to know if it'll really affect the acne yet, but it's definitely cleared up those tiny little black heads!

Unfortunately, I'm also going crazy because my skin is sooo irritated from the Epiduo. It's red, swollen and dry. It feels like I have sunburn and while moisturizer has been helping, my skin still feels very tight and dry and has a burning sensation. I am not using too much of the Epiduo-- seriously like a half pea size dot for my whole face.

OK, so someone tell me-- does your skin really adjust to Epiduo? How long can I expect my face to be like this-- and will it eventually feel OK again? I am loving the results so far with the blackheads, but the burning and dryness is very bothersome.

Any input? Advice? Thanks! :D

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