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I Feel Terrible

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My acne scars make me feel terrible. I have pits and lots of holes in my face. They look much much worse in the mirror.

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I can barely see any holes or pits in your face. If they dont show up on camera then they cant be that deep. Your skin is actually pretty damn good overall.

If you are bothered by pits there are many treatments out there, see a specialist and see whats available for you.

Pits/holes can be annoying but they dont make you ugly, girls dont care (or at least i dont) if someone has scars. Many even find them attractive

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What holes? lol.

Trust me, girls dont really care!!

I second that. Even some famous actor suffer of acne and they carry normal lives

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Well thanks. I'm telling you when I look in the mirror my face looks terrible. I have lost my cconfidence. All I want is to get fraxel done then I will be more confident around girls

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We tend to be quite harsh on ourselves, others dont see your 'holes' (we dont...)

acne can shatter our confidence long after it has gone

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It doesn't matter how minor they are, if you scars bother you that much you should do something about them. Can't stand it when people brush these things off as nothing just because it looks like nothing to them - it is obviously something to you.

I think you have taken very blurry photos in flattering lighting and that's why no one in these forums can actually see your scars.

I would advise against laser if it's just minor scarring. I honestly can't even tell what type of scarring you have from your photos (it also doesn't help that they are upside-down) but try to use other methods found in the scar/red mark treatment forum that are less invasive first. Going through laser when most of your skin is still good is too risky, and I would only do it if the other options don't work. Maybe even just grow a beard to cover them. You're lucky you're a guy, as a girl I don't have that option.

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