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Low Carb Question, And Blackheads?

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I'm already doing low carb ish, i havent been at all as strict since my acne disappeared but will going strict paleo get rid of my blackheads?

It's not like i have an excess of blackheads, but they are noticeable in some light and i feel its time for them to kick the bucket, anyone have any experience with successful blackhead removal?

In addition, are black beans and kidney beans ok to have on low carb? Are they likely to cause a breakout? I've just moved from home and i've got no income so i have to survive on beans, lentils and other cheap veg. Any input appreciated!

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Eating more carbs and doing 20-30 mins daily cardio will probably get better results than picking and choosing which beans you eat homie. Be careful on low carb my parents are kidney doctors and south beach diet gave them lots of new patients back when it was a fad. I don't eat less than 50g carbs a day. Usually around 100g so I can exercise without getting light headed.

Don't eat canned beans. Get them dry and soak them overnight yourself. It costs the same.

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If things are going well I don't think there's need for a drastic change. Blackheads just might take longer to get rid of.

It will probably help, but restricting yourself too much could open some bad doors too. I've never had a problem with beans though.

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Blackheads have to exfoliate away which takes time. Or be extracted somehow. You could try oil cleansing which works for me.

And beans are ok on a low carb diet, which shouldn't be too low. All you need to do is avoid high glycemic impacting anything- drink, meal, snack.

Whether beans are ok for you do to your personal intolerances is something you have to figure out for yourself by trying it.

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