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Week One, Amazing

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So I started the regimen and I am done with my first week

My skin, I would say has mild acne and very sensitive, my problem areas are mostly bridge of nose, chin and forehead.

Well I can already see a huge difference! I have had NO breakouts, NOT ONE new pimple! My problem areas are healing, and no signs of dry skin or redness. My skin actually seems and looks healthier. I couldn't be happier, I know its only the first week but I have tried everything and my skin rejects everything within a day, but not only did my skin accept the regimen but I have seen improvement, IN THE FIRST WEEK! seriously for anyone reading this and thinking about trying it, it is worth every penny. I never write reviews on products but when you find something so good, I had to share! I was so worried this was too good to be true, or an online scam but anyone reading through everyone's stories, its true! trust this site and the regimen. I am happy I did!

Thanks Dan and everyone that shared their stories that convinced me to try it!

I will tell the world about this product!

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That's great you've seen improvements already :) Be prepared though for the next weeks to not go so smoothly but still stick with it! It's worth it in the end :)

When you say "regimen" do you mean accutane? Beacause that's what i'am taking and the dry skin ecc seems the same..i don't know mabye they are called with different names:)

This is referring to the 'acne.org regimen' (not accutane) Just wanted to clarify that for you :) Hope accutane goes well for you!

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It might get worse further down the road, so watch out. The regimen is an amazing cure for acne. The first week was my best too, but it got worse around my period and things like that. Don't let those moments discourage you.

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