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Weird Reaction On The Regimen - Feedback Welcome

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Hey guys,

I know you're all a knowledgable group, so I just wanted to run something by you.

Before I continue let me say that, yes, I did try to look into this on my own terms, but nothing of value turned up.

Quick background:

• Have slight Acne for 6 years

• Tried tons of home remedies

• Prescriptions

• OTC stuff

• Derm visits

• Started doing Dan's Regimen precisely

• Loved it

• Worked PERFECTLY (100% clear)

• Bought all of his products

• Loved them

• 3 months into the regimen I developed a rash (which I thought was caused by the harsh winter and my skin being too dry)

• Figured out it was Benzoyl Peroxide

• Ordered 2 differed brands of BP (1. Generic and 2. Clean & Clear 5% Face Wash)

• Gave my skin rest to clear from the rash

• Applied new BP > Same results

• I understand that I might be one of the aforementioned 1 in 1000 people who have an allergy to BP

What I mean by "Rash" - Looks and feels like contact dermatitis. Gets crusty and oozes clear liquid if it gets really bad. Takes a few days to calm down if I stop applying BP. Comes back in 1 slightest, thinest layer of BP.

Here's where it gets strange, and where you might shed some light.

I've been applying it liberally to my chest and back (used to have slight acne, but now I'm doing it as a part of the regimen), and I don't have the same reaction at all.

Why is it just my face... certain parts of it to be exact. Temples, nose, tiniest amount on my cheeks. That's it.

Looking forward to your responses.

By the way, I've been trying to just use Dan's Cleanser and AHA+ as a regimen replacement (Morning and Night), and it seems to be working, but I'm not sure if I'm in the clear to just rely on it completely.

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Rash, crusting, and oozing are sure signs of an allergy. As to why your face is the only area reacting this way, I really don't know. You may want to talk with your doctor dermatologist to find out why you don't see the same reaction on your body.

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I don't know if this is real or not, so someone, please step in if I'm totally off my rocker--but from what I understand, skin on your face can be very different from skin on your chest and back--hence why people break out in different places, etc. You might have a completely different chemical composition on your face than on your chest and back? Or maybe it's a tolerance thing: your face might have had too much BP over a certain amount of time, whereas your back and chest have had less of it?

Either way--see a dermatologist, definitely.

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