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Sunscreen That Wont Cause Acne?

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Since last october i have ditched all chemical products and i have only been washing my face with water and since that my acne has gotten much better. But now when summer is coming up i think im gonna have to start using some kind off sunscreen, because if i dont then my face will burn(i have pale skin and burn easily). But im affraid that a sunscreen might break me out since there are greasy and full of weird chemicals

So does anybody know if there are any natural sunscreens that wont cause acne on a really sensitive skin?


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ahhh i asked this! What i have SUPER sensitive skin. Like it will clog from anything so moisturizers are not on option ever. But anyways i went away for the weekend where i was walking around outside for like 10 hours. i found that if i put anything on my cheeks, or around jaw, under my nose or chin i will break out. But i can put spf on my nose and most of my forhead. So i chuck on some big wayfarer sunglasses that cover my upper cheeks, and even shades the rest. And i wore a nice snap back hat from pacsun- which i wore for only a little bit- but even without it i was able to get through the day without a burn! Also i am the palest of the pale, rosacea, clog prone skin. What i used was Cerave A.M which was very good on the spots i explained. I used just a normal Spf on my neck because thats less sensitive.

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I personally use Neutrogena's Oil-Free Moisture with Sunscreen SPF 15. I personally have Rosacea and mild acne - and it does not break me out at all. It's amazing when you pit it on in the morning, it absorbs fast and stops my skin from producing too much oil. :) Look it up and look at the reviews, it doesn't break you out. Give it a shot. :)

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