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Redness, Irritation And Dryness Under Jawline

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My 1 year anniversary of being on the regimen will be coming up at the end of this month. The Regimen has been a lifesaver for the most part but i am beginning to think that it is time to try something else. My issue has become that the acne under the sides of my jaw on both sides has not gone away despite using the regimen and that area is extremely red, bumpy and irritated looking with dry patches of skin. Any suggestions?

I plan as of tonights application to cur back on BP use there or stop all together in those areas.

Thanks for any input

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I just wanted to know what your experience was like with the Regimen. What type of acne do you get? I'm wondering if it will help hormonal acne (cysts along jawline, cheeks and chin). The doc recommended Accutane, but I'm trying to avoid having to take it due to all the side effects.


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I did the regimen following an unsuccessful 3rd accutane course. My acne was not cystic but definitely large pimples with no head. I don't get as many huge pimples as i used to pre regimen but i am not 100% clear. I think if accutane is your next step, then you might as well give The Regimen a 3-4 month shot. Accutane is harsh and side effects are plentiful and sometimes can happen years down the line so it should be a last resort. In addition to The Regimen, i recommend an overhaul of diet and lifestyle habits.

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