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Which Oil Is Best To Use For Hyperpigmentation/acne Scars/acne?

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Hello people!

I was wondering which oil is the best for mainly hyperpigmentation (misleading title :P).

I have used argan oil and emu oil in the past, but they simply do not do the trick!

I have oily face and prone to acne even at age 25. What is the best oil for this case?

I read some posts that stated rosehip oil is usually the best for hyperpigmentation.

What I am looking for is an oil that soothes/heals skin without clogging the pore.

My options are rosehip oil, coconut oil, and almond oil... Any other suggestoins would be appreciated. Thanks.

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you arent going to get the fastest/best results if using just oil alone but i heard jojoba oil is the best

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