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I'm 29 and I've had severe acne since I was only ten years old. I've tried every single cream and wash available to man, the contraceptive pill, Roaccutane, antibiotics, healthy diet, you name it. Nothing worked except for Roaccutane and the pill, and they only worked while I was taking them. I do everything right, eat well, exercise, drink lots of water. Three years ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune liver disease, so now I can't even take the pill. I just really need someone to talk to, I don't know what to do anymore :'(

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Hello, flowercrown twin!

Life isn't fair. I've had bad skin for as long as I remember too and on my first course of Roaccutane at 28, I can only hope it will have good long term results!

I don't have any advice, i'm still struggling too. Good luck though and send me a PM if you like :-)

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If it's of any comfort I'll be turning 29 myself next month and still yet to find my miracle cure to end all acne.

just gotta hang in there and try to look to the bright side of life!

I'll extend my inbox to you to if you feel you need u need someone to listen to :)

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I echo all the above sentiments. It can be devastating when the top notch treatments are a bust (i did accutane 3 times and i still have acne) but you we have to keep keeping on. Have you tried the regimen? It may be tricky with your dermatitis but if you can tolerate it, it may be worth a shot. What does your healthy diet look like? You may be doing everything right and still have acne but if you're more specific, maybe we can come up with solutions together. Above all, remember that you are not alone. You're in good company. Feel free to mail me if it ever gets to be too much

Good Luck

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you're good looking, and that is something that acne and some scars can't take away imo...so if you're suffering from self-image issues, i can assure you that most guys (the ones that are worth your time anyway) wouldn't let your acne get in the way.

other than that, yeah, as the poster above mentioned, life's a bitch, don't look for balance, some have it on hard mode right from day one and some stroll through easy for the most part. eventually, everyone goes through struggles.

at the end of the day, all you can do is treat your acne best you can, without letting it consume your life, and focus on the things that are truly in your control, and that is doing something that makes you happy...cheesy as it may sound, it's just true.


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are you still able to take Roaccutane? One of my friends took roaccutane 4 times but each time he finished a course it kept coming back. In the end he went on a modified course of roaccutane longterm. I've heard that his dermatologist has had several patients who have had to take it longterm and be gradually weened off of it.

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