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My Relentless Battle With Acne/acne Scars And How I Got Rid Of Them Completely.

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Well, let's start with the basics, shall we?

I am an 18 year old boy, I live in the UK. I had only suffered with acne for around 3 months at the time (around 10 months ago) I thought nothing of it. I was a software developer/technical support for a highly reputable financial company, I was constantly busy and had no time to myself to calm down. Whilst I was working at this company, I was bullied, constantly. The pressure that was on my head for a boy of 18, was remarkable. I had only been working here for 2 months at the time, a big project had risen. I was constantly reminded that if I did not meet these deadlines, the costs would be insurmountable. I started to slowly lose the plot... anyway enough of the small details.. I completed the task, with great success, but was forced to quit because of mental issues regarding my acne... at the time, i was constantly looking in the mirror, trying to avoid people as much as possible, i had lost it. From the stress of work? or from me letting myself go from the project taking over? I don't quite know.

Either way, I was forced to resign, as I finally had my breakdown one night, I cried and cried from the built up stress of around 7/8 months worth of strenuous, tortuous work. I had finally cracked. The day after, I woke with boils over both cheeks, huge, almost pulsing. This was when the state of depression kicked in. Massively, I did not realise. My mother was in a state of panic, due to me spontaneously quitting such a good job (I had told her nothing of the bullying at work, nor the acne problems). I decided to shut myself away from society for 2 months.. fearing to leave my house at this point.. I was scared people were going to judge me immensely. The fear was all so real in my head. And I said to myself ''You have to do something about this, you're a smart boy.. fix the problem!'' So I did.. in my own way.

While I was off for these 2 months.. I researched, and researched, until I had thousands of pages worth of acne advise under my belt. I had bought Benzoyl Peroxide, Aloe Vera, lemon juice etc.. Testing as I went along, what my skin was weak to, or what worked.. (i have eczema also, so my skin is already sensitive). I used 5% Benzoyl Peroxide for around a week, I was terrified, as I read that it is very strong stuff. It worked, but with negative side effects.. The skin became hard underneath. I was scared that the hardness under the skin was more boils, also making the skin red, which made it worse... But i battled through, as I know of the good that BP can do with bacteria as it oxygenises the skin, making the regeneration of skin faster, whilst killing off bacteria.. I pushed on! (My acne was at it's prime here, pustules and boils riddling my face.)I used Ice packs on my face daily, as well as the BP. 2 weeks later, they had almost vanished.. but for what? my face was covered in acne scars, pits and pickaxe scars everywhere.. my face was blood red, so frail and fragile.. but so ugly. weeks after the face stayed the same, so red and vile, I could no longer look in the mirror, actually.. I couldn't anyway.. I cried daily, felt suicidal constantly.. Had I just ruined my life, because of acne? or because the job was so demanding that it drove me insane? Either way, I still battled, I always had the urge to feel the cold breeze against my acne-free

cheeks again, to be able to socialise, see my friends.. I PUSHED THROUGH, my family were worried sick, I couldnt let them see me like this, I was always so happy. So here was my regime for the acne scars..

Daily, I would wash my face, with my eczema friendly moisturiser/soap (Dermol 500). Absolutely wondrous stuff! and washed my face with cold water afterwards to close my pores, so no nasty bacteria could enter my skin.. I still got spots nonetheless.. trying to battle these with time/Benzoyl Peroxide.. And I would do the same with my Dermol at night, washing it off with cold water to close the pores.. During the day.. As I had a lot of spare time on my hands.. I would cover my whole face in Aloe Vera.. letting it soak in all day, and replacing it after the nightly wash, to sleep in.. Aloe worked perfectly! Not only were the scars getting lighter, my skin was tightening and felt extremely rejuvenated. Some days I would add PURE lemon juice to the mix, dapping cotton buds (Q tips for you Americans) in the liquid of a lemon, and spreading it on all scars, at first it only seemed to lighten everything but the scar, but I kept doing it for around a week, and it started showing promising results, So some days I would use the lemon, and some the Aloe. (Note: Aloe Vera does not clog pores, so slap it on!) After a month of constant use of Aloe, almost daily.. I began to get bright red rashes.. I researched Aloe, and found that the Alkalinity is what gave me the rash, it completely knocked the pH scale of my facial skin off. So I used the lemon (2.5 acidity on pH) to balance it, this worked a treat.. So remember.. balance your pH levels! not many people do this.. Moving on.. My face was bright red, for atleast a few days, from this day onwards.. i simply left my face alone.. Noticing that it was literally turning back to its normal acne-free self.. with nothing on it.. slowly but surely.. 2 weeks later, I was left with just a few red marks on my face, completely amazed.. and still using my Dermol wash twice daily.. By this point, I had no longer needed the BP, lemon nor aloe. I believe that the Aloe Vera had helped the most, its inflammation reducing capabilities are phenomenal!

But yet.. I still couldnt go out.. I was still scared that people would judge me because of these now, near enough non existant acne scars.. Had I become Agoraphobic? No.. I wouldn't let myself believe that.. I was always such a sociable person before! At this point.. my mother intervened and advised me to see a Counselor, And I did. I was slowly but surely, cured. After all of the time learning about coding, and general computer management, server maintenance etc.. I had chosen to lead a different path in life, Photography. And it is currently going well! I am 19 now, so this is all still very fresh to me.. But please, my experience was a harsh one. Do not use all of these hyped up, money making creams that claim to free your face of acne and scars within days. THEY DO NOT WORK, I HAVE TESTED, MANY A TIME. please, try and use Aloe Vera, Lemon Juice and BP to get rid of both acne scars and acne. Also remember, TIME HEALS ALL, I somewhat believe the scars reduced due to the time they were there.. it takes from 3-24 months for acne scars to heal (to some extent).

I thank you greatly for reading my story.. It was an experience I would not wish upon anyone. But, a few things i'll say.. do not be scared if you quit an extremely good job if you are not feeling well (mentally) , you know this if it is not right for you. You will thank yourself that you quit in the long run, I promise you! secondly, you're not alone. Talk to your family, they will support you through thick and thin.

If you need to have a chat about my regime a bit more in depth, please feel free to ask, I had to rush it slightly.

I hope this will help you when you are in need.

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Just to clarify red marks(what it sounds like you had) are not acne scars. Most people who haven't had serious acne confuse the two as to the 'untrained eye', red marks look like pits. Red marks tend to go away well within a year no matter what you do. Acne scars on the other hand do not (although they can improve somewhat).

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