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Advice On What Shower Gels And Shampoo To Buy? Also Any Skin Tips?

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Hello all.

I made this thread to question what I should do about the rest of the skin on my body since I started treating the skin on my face with utmost care.

I am currently using some run of the mill mens body wash and am beginning to think that I can do better.

I have been checking out a line of products called "Yes To" and they seem to have a good reputation and from a consumer standpoint they seem reliable with a quality product that isnt expensive.


Here is a body wash I am thinking about buying BUT I want to know if anyone here has had any experience with this porduct, any other "Yes To" products (If so how were they?), and any reccomendations you can give me.


Next is my hair. I like my hair. It is thick and layered and has a very young Justin Bieber/Beatles/Ramones look to it and I like styling it when I go out. I am currently using a Garnier Fructese shampoo that can be found at any general store. I do not condition and would like to because I think it would improve my hair.

My products in question are also "Yes To" products


This one is a Hair conditioner


And this one is a hair shampoo

So please give me some advice on what products I should look onto (leave an amazon link) and anyones opinion on the products I picked out would be appreciated.

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