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Week 1: Flaky, Super Dry Skin

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Hey, så I've been using the regimen for about 5 days now, so I'm still in week 1. My skin has gotten SO dry and super flaky around the mouth especially, and i can't even move my face because it's soooo dry !! I can't complain about the regimen though, because it works wonders already. I already have all my acne gone, now i just have spots left, but my skin looks smooth already!! But seriously though, WHAT can i do to get the dry, flaky skin away? I use a ton of moisturizer, and the skin still gets flaky like 1 hour later. I don't have the AHA and I'm not planning to buy it just yet. I use about 1 pump of BP, and my skin kinda burns when applying it, but i haven't seen any redness from it or anything, and i don't have sensitive skin either.

I'm thinking about adding a serum to the regimen, just to give it some moisture back. Should i do that, or no? And if yes, then in which order? Like before moisturizer or after? The serum I'm thinking of adding in is the Kiehls midnight recovery. What do you think? Please help !! And no, i do not have the Jojoba oil, so don't ask me to use it, please.

Thanks :)

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Make sure you use moisturizer atleast twice a day. You have been on the regimen 5 days so haveing dry skin like that is normal. Your face will get used to it and evertually the moisturizer will be able to keep it under control. The worst thing you can do is give up. If its to much you can try cutting back a little bit or applying bp every other day.

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Slightly back off with the bp, make sure you moisturize generously and might want to add in jojoba oil to deal with flakyness. Don't rush with bp, you'll probably end up like me with skin discolouration and regret.

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yeah man i had the same thing happen to me today. Im on like day 3 of the regimen. I ordered some jojobo oil cuz it couldnt hurt but also bought some acne.org moisturizer because my current moisturizer will inevitebly run out. You should be quite generous when it comes to your moisturizer when you put it on you should be thinking "this moght be too much" but its not too much because it absorbs good cuz ur skin is dry from the BP. but always ALWAYS make sure the BP is dry and your face feels like its going to shatter before you put on the moisturizer because I have found it is absorbed best that way.

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Hey Man, The skin around your mouth and your eyes is the most sensitive on your face. Try avoiding these areas when applying the BP at least for a while and then around your mouth you may want to try just using the BP once a day after it is no longer irritated, around the eyes obviously you can avoid all together because you never really get pimples there anyway. Good luck.

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You really shouldn't be using so much BP on only your first week. You have to use only a pea size at night the first week, and then a pea size day and night the 2nd week, and keep on increasing the dosage until you use a finger sizer day and night, and the process should take a long time to get to the full dosage. You can really be damaging your skin, by making it dry and red. You can start using jojoba oil, since it gets rid of flakes. By the time you have been on the regimen for a full month, you can start using AHA mixed with moisturizer (and jojoba oil if you want to) every night to get rid of flakes and dryness. It really helps. You don't want to rush on the BP and make your skin look worse even though your acne will be gone. I know what it looks like, and it looks awful.

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