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Please Help, Any Suggestions

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So here is my story 23 year old male, have mild acne (mostly cystic), got worse after high school. I believe it is hormonal/hereditary because my mother and siblings all have it as well. Like many have tried just about everything over the counter. I went to to a derm a couple years ago and he gave me tetracycline (which i shouldn't have taken) and a sulfur wash which didn't do much. I hated the idea of using harsh chemicals in or outside of the body so I took the holistic approach. I have had laser treatments to remove red pigmentation marks and am currently getting TCA peels every 4 weeks. I also have at home glycolic and kojic peels I do. I also have a blue/red trophy skin light therapy I use mostly everyday. I wash with a salicylic and tea tree oil wash and different all natural types of soap, while using the Indian healing clay mask (100% Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay) mixed with raw honey and organic apple cider vinegar (keep it on for 1 hour). I started using a dermaroller to try to clear up some scars.

Here is my diet I switched to a couple months ago.

-No dairy

-No meat

-Little to no wheat

-No sugar or chocolate

​-No alcohol

-Almost all organic fruits, veggies, nuts, brown rice, oatmeal, lots of water, green tea and hot lemon water in the morning.

It is to the point where I don't want to eat anything that I don't prepare myself.

I am very athletic and workout 4-5 days a week. Meditate daily (very spiritual person). Did a 14 day liver detox.

Nothing I do stops my acne. Sure I breakout less and they may go away faster but the left over red spots WILL NOT leave. My face is constantly oily within 2 hours of not washing it. I think I have a problem with my glands (I sweat very easily at the gym or when i get nervous). I get a new red bump somewhere every few days so I am never completely clear and the red leftover pigmentation spots are the worst. I also get some body acne as well.

I know it's not the worst thing in the world and I shouldn't let it effect me negatively but it effects my self esteem sending me into depression. I just feel like giving up. Any suggestions on what could work ? Any responses are greatly appreciated. Much love

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There are a lot of things you could do. You could take an IgG sensitivity test to see if you're sensitive to particular foods. You could also do vitamin testing to see if anything there needs correcting. Lots of oil, red marks, and a few spots here and there sounds like it could be related to vitamin D, or perhaps another vitamin imbalance.

It seems like your diet is mostly carbohydrates, which are known to aggravate acne. You could try switching out some of the starches for whole cuts of fish and chicken. I would also try to add in some good fats like coconut oil and ghee. Fat is the safest macromolecule. In general it's best to get most of your calories from fat, and then have relatively equal portions of protein and carbohydrate.

I would stay away from most of the topical stuff. Acne is an internal condition. If all of the above fails you, I would recommend a low dose of isotretinoin, no more than 10mg/d.

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" salicylic and tea tree oil" these two for me did not work. Both cause over drying and lead to increased production of oil. There is a good post on this form about the acid mantle and even a better one i think on essentialdayspa on the moisture barrier. Indian clay or whatever clay you use causes moisture loss from the skin and again is increasing your oil production. Think of your skin as a plant, it produces substances that keep from drying it out in the wind, cold, warmth-therefore your skin is much the same.

I have seen acne more prevalent in those who extensively work out every day or most days of the week. Has to do with the hormonal balance which i think is disrupted when working out. Building muscle effects testosterone levels. Its all complicated and something i do not read into as its not my forte. But i encourage you to read on it. Acne generally presents its self on the shoulders and mid back, but can be on the face too.

Are you over doing is the point that i am trying to get at here.

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Not saying to quit exercise, but it could be all the physical activity you're doing.

I used to be a sports addict playing basketball, tennis, cycling and hitting the gym occasionally. During that period I broke out into cystic acne and there was just no end to it.

Ever since I quit sports completely my acne has become manageable. I only break out now if I eat the wrong stuff. I'm only able to identify what the wrong food are because regardless of what I ate when I was extremely active I would break out.

I have tested this theory by getting completely clear skin which takes me 3-4 months and then playing sports over a week period. I'm sad to say that I broke out horribly over the following week.

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