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Private Dermatologist In London, Roaccutane?

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Can anyone recommend a good private dermatologist? I need one in or near London.

I am fed up of useless GP treatments and NHS waiting times! Only thing keeping me going is the BP regimen. I've saved up to go private now.

I've been on google and theres so many derms to choose from, some charging over £200. I know what I need, I dont want to pay £250 to get a prescription after a 5 minute consultation!

Are all derms likely to prescribe roaccutane? my friend paid £220 for Harley Street dermatologist and was still refused! His now paid much less at some cannon street clinic (for which I cant find much reviews) and got it prescribed the first time - is it just pot luck? I don't want to risk it and be refused.

I need some advice before I blow my savings. Thanks guys.

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If its that London dermatology clinic in cannon Street your talking about I'd steer well clear of them! I went there with my most recent blood results and I was given a prescription only to find that the doctors gmc number was declined at the pharmacy!!! then it took me 4 weeks to get another one! I'm from the states so all I needed was one month's supply before heading back to the states! by the time I recieved the prescription I had already endured a flare up!! If you are thinking about getting roacutane I wud suggest you go to one of the established harley Street clinics. DO NOT get this serious medication from a cow boy clinic like London dermatology clinic of cannon Street - who by the way practice out of a dental clinic!!!

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Its been a while since my post, ive already been and seen them! lol My experience was good actually, I got accepted for roaccutane in first visit, had my blood test same time. They wouldnt give me the prescription though until I had pregnancy test and blood results back! Wasnt happy with this as I had to wait another 24hrs. But I didnt have a problem with my prescription and had no problem at pharmacy. The doctors handwriting is messy though so im not surprised pharmacy maybe misread lol i've had a few prescriptions from them now, no problems at Boots or my local one so not sure what happened to yours, my pharmacist had to double check my birthday as his writing was messy but that was cool.

they have quite a few different services in there, i noticed the dental clinic presence too, its also private (my toothbrush only costs a few bob) lol they had an allergy clinic and osteopath service too. i didnt see a dentist though so dunno where they hide!

speaking of flare-up, wow did i break out, it was like all the acne came out at once lol i was panicking as it actually made me a lot worse and i called them to have a moan, but they said its expected just wait it out - like that is really going to help me lol Now i feel embarrased after calling them everyday as its cleared up 80% and its been the clearest its ever been for 12yrs!!!! but ive heard about people relapsing so fingers crossed this is it for me as the back aches, falling hair and daily vaseline is killing me.

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Really interesting post, i'm in the same situation as you were when you initially started this post, Im looking for a derm that prescribes roaccutane around Birmingham/West Mids/Warwickshire area... any ideas?!

Also, have you experienced any side effects such as hair loss? That's the one I'm most scared about!

Good luck with the rest of your journey!


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so far so good no hair loss, but hair is much more 'dry' if that makes sense? im half way through my course now, just been told one of my blood tests was not normal. cholesterol level is on the high side but not too high just yet so they will repeat it in a few weeks. Hope this doesnt affect my treatment duration. If your from warwick side maybe try nhs as it might not be so busy like london waiting lists? roaccutane is expensive !

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