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Will I Possibly Clear Up After Accutane?

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Ill keep this short and simple and not explain my whole accutane experience from the last detal.

Basically been on accutane almost 7 months

month 1. 40mg

month 2, 40mg

month 3. 80mg

month 4. 80mg

month 5. 80mg

month 6. 80mh

month 7. 100mg ( derm says last month at full dose than dropping down to 20mg every second day from month 8.

Im a male and i weigh 78 kilos, so ive gone way over the 120mg-150mg per kg cumulative dosage,

I had severe acne on my chest, little on my back and shoulders, and moderate acne on my face when i started.

First 3 months i got the initial breakout, things got worse. next 2 months my acne improved drastically and than all of a sudden i stalled, and ever since than its been the same still getting some pimples on my face each week and some on my chest each week. Its been the same for the last 3-4 months (sitting at around 85-90% clear) hasnt budged since than in the last 3-4 months........

I read some people may clear up after taking accutane? If that was the case with you, how long post accutane did you clear up 100%

My derm says I have been on it long enough at a high dose and says tapering down to 20mg every second day for a while might get rid of the rest of the acne................ feeling discouraged as 100mg a day isnt getting rid of the acne i have left.

Appreicate feedback cheers.

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Dam man if you went up to 100mg, thats not even what usually people go to, highest is like 80mg :/ I don't know what to tell ya, that 7 month dosage is pretty intense. So if your acne is not clearly up fully you prob have to extend the dosage. Or see if you are absorbing the pill well enough with your foods. Remember, you need to take it with a good fatty meal to have it work, or else you won't get the full benefit.

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