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Is Zenatane the same as other accutane prescription like clavaris? I never heard of this type of accutane and I recently receive this medication. My doctor told me she prescribe amnesteem but I gotten this instead. I try researching Zenatane but I did not find much? Can someone give me some information about Zenatane.

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Yea I notice when I was browsing but I want to make sure.

eight months? I thought it was 6 months..

Mine was extended- i didn't have bad acne att a lll from the start. It was just harder to treat. So i was on it for 8 months- i went from having really oily skin to having the driest skin. but it was worth it.

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For anyone taking Zenatane or any other generic form of Accutane, I would suggest getting regular screening from an opthomologist for papilledema. My 13 yr old son has been on it for a little over three weeks and went for his regular yearly checkup Friday and the eye doctor found that he had this. He had to go to the emergency room for a CT scan for a tumor (ruled out) and now has to see a pedicatric neurologist tomorrow and have a spinal tap done this week. It is extremely urgent that they get the intracranial swelling down which is a result of the medication (he stopped it the day we got the results from the CT scan and spoke with the hospital opthamologist). Now, we are extremly concerned that he could have permanent damage or that it can lead to blindness. They prescribed a medication to reduce the production of spinal fluid which causes the swelling of the optic nerve and the doctor says this will now be a lifelong issue and he will have to be checked regularly for the rest of his life. I can't stress enough the urgency in getting a test done for the papilledema.

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