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What Do You Think Is The Most Necessary Acne.org Product

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Hello and I am new to the forums.

I recently purchased some of the 2.5% BP and I already have some moisturizer and cleanser so I wanted to use that first. I felt like I could use substitutes for those but the BP was the most important to buy from acne.org. I have been using a Clean and Clear dual action mousturizer that is oil free that has been working well for me and then I have this Dove+men sensitive moisturizer when that one runs out. The cleanser I am using is also a Dove+men sensitive product.

What do you think about the importance of buying the acne.org products specifically?

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I think all of the acne.org products are much better than other products. They may seem a bit expensive at first, but with the amount you get, it's actually a great value and less expensive in the long run.

You're right. BP is probably the most important product to get from acne.org. It's hard to find anything comparable on the market. When using a lot of BP for The Regimen, it's definitely the way to go. But I also strongly recommend the moisturizer. The problem with moisturizers is that so many of them cause breakouts. Very few are safe, but the acne.org one is. The Clean and Clear moisturizer you have looks like it's relatively safe though too. Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture, Combination Skin is one that is known to have safe, non-pore clogging ingredients.

Anyway, acne.org products are definitely the best...by far. I'd say BP is most important, followed by moisturizer, then cleanser. But I strongly recommend all.

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Thanks for an up front answer. I also have various other questions regarding the regimen that I do not want to make more threads for.

How important is it to barely touch your face during the regimen? The video seemed to really emphasize not causing irritation but it seems like if you just dont forcibly press down and rub your skin you should be fine. I ask this because I exfoliate with oatmeal and I try my best to not irritate during any of the steps of the regemen.

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It is really recommended that you do not do any kind of manual exfoliation while on the Regimen so you may want to stop the oatmeal rub.

You want to be as gentle with your skin as possible. After one month on the Regimen you can start using the AHA cream which is a chemical exfoliation (I have found that it works really well). Of course it is up to you exactly what you choose to do but most people find they get the best results if they follow the Regimen exactly.

Good luck.

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Definitely BP. Second place goes to a moisturizer. Dan's moisturizer is fantastic. At first I hated it because it caused my face to burn, but I realized I was applying it WAY too early before the BP dried which is a big no-no. Now I love it. It soothes my skin. I could definitely live without the cleanser -- and I've had before! I used to just wash my face with water gently. One day I decided to order it to try it out because I really just wanted to get that complete "clean" feeling, like you actually did something to cleanse your face. I ended up loving how gentle it is because my skin is extremely sensitive.

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If you want to exfoliate your face while on the regimen, I recommend you stop the oatmeal and start the AHA+ From acne.org.

It's great stuff and it's very hydrating. I love it!

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I would guess the bp. From the bits of researching reading reviews it seems like its like the best on the market. The most important reason to me being that it doesnt get all cakey and crusty on your face when you wear it during the day like other bp products.

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I have to rant because I see so many of these posts about cutting corners and trying to use store products versus products made for acne.

The most important thing is not putting a bunch of crap on your face. Dan has formulated his products to avoid this. By using Neutrogena and Clean and Clear products from the store, you're making it much harder for your skin to clear.

Think of store brand facial products as junk food. It's cheaper so more people buy it, but it's terrible for you. Yes, unfortunately, you do have to spend a little more to get products that are made specifically for acne-prone skin. Dan makes it pretty affordable. His mission was to make acne-friendly products available to people as affordably as he could.

I use Lumiplexion products because they were designed specifically for acne-prone skin. Neutrogena and Johnson and Johnson could give a gnat's a*s about your skin. Their game is make many products you keep trying because none of it works. Fillers and preservatives will clog pores and break you out.

And the number one product you put on your face is sunscreen, honestly. Unfortunately, Dan hasn't conquered that one yet. Lumiplexion did it about 20 years ago, and my family uses it daily.

One less shirt from the mall or one less video game and you can afford to put better products on your face. You only get one. Stop feeding it with junk.

Rant over :)

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