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I have been on Dan's regimen for about five weeks now. Everything seemed normal at first and although there was extremely bothersome peeling and flakiness (and there is still a lot now), I've managed to control it using Cetaphil's Moisturizing Lotion combined with Aveeno Smart Essentials Daily Nourishing Moisturizer with SPF 30 during the day, and Cetaphil's Lotion by itself at night. I did use up an entire 8 oz. bottle of Dan's moisturizer for the first three weeks and although it is very moisturizing, it made my face appear "tan" and yellow, so I stopped using it as it was embarrassing. I've read that some other people have had a similar problem with Dan's new moistuizer yet some seem to use it perfectly...so it must depend on the person. After a week of being on the regimen my skin had improved dramatically from having moderate acne to barely having smallish pimples on my cheeks and bumps on my forehead..by week three I had completely elimated the bumps and just had some of the same stubborn pimples. For some reason pimples will still appear (although not nearly as much as before) even after five weeks of the regimen. ANYWAYS, last week my skin suddenly reacted very badly to the BP and I don't know why!! I had started to use a generous full finger of BP two days before and it all seemed fine but then my skin began to burn upon application and my face was bright cherry red after. Going to school has been embarrassing and everyone is asking me if I got sunburned over the weekend What could be the reason for this???? I was really excited about getting perfect skin on the regimen because I knew that after about a month I'd see even more drastic improvements...or so I thought. I was going to add the AHA too because I thought my skin was finally ready for it...

What could be the problem? Right now I've decided to stop using the BP completely and am using pure aloe vera gel. I think I'm going to personalize my regimen to be the regular gentle cleansing, aloe vera gel as a treatment, and jojoba oil mixed with my regular moisturizing combination. What do you guys think?

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too much BP . the same thing happened to me! I'm not even at a full finger and this past week I upped it to a little over half a finger and my face looks like it got sunburnt. lessen the amount of BP you use like drastically until it goes back to normal. that's what I'm doing. then SLOWLY work your way back up. jojoba oil can help too. I use it at night bc it makes my face look super shiny lol

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