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Acne.org: Please Consider Making A Smaller Aha+

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I'm a long-time user of acne.org products. As someone who uses AHA+ periodically for spot treatment and occasional exfoliation, I'd like to suggest that acne.org make it available in a smaller size. This product seems to have a short life cycle (I received a new bottle in February/March and its expiration date is September). I didn't even realize the expiration date was typically that quick, and usually kept my bottles a while longer. Even so, I have never come remotely close to using all of the product.

Wil you consider making a smaller size? A while ago, AHA+ only came in one size. Then a larger size bottle was created, but unfortunately a smaller bottle was not. I think three different sizes--small, medium, and large--would be very helpful as people's uses vary. Personally, if a smaller size is not developed, I may discontinue using this product, as it may not provide enough "bang for buck."

I hope acne.org will seriously consider this idea. Thanks!

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Interesting that your expiration date is the same as my bottle, which I ordered January 2013... I guess it just depends on when you order it and when they got a new shipment? :s

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I like his idea as well! Maybe they'll come out with a tsa approved size that you can use since you don't use it very often.

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